Pond Lining contract

we are creating a small reservoir to harvest rain water. i plan to line it with a pond liner.I am looking for someone who can guide me with the excavation, enable me to line the pond…anyone out there?


You can go for 200 or 180 GSM UV resistant tarpaulin, like silapulin or rhino wrap etc. I think it costs around Rs. 4-5/sq.ft. This lasts you almost 3+ years.

Measure the size of the pond and give them the size, they will give you one big ready to use piece that has to be just placed and fixed.


Hello Ms.Devyani,

If you are looking for DIY model, please go through the attached file for clues as to how to go about it.


A)Identify water storage required and size of the pond
B)Identify a suitable vendor after evaluating them and let them know your filming requirement

Nikhil was correct, basic is around 150 GSM thick which could last for couple of years, but if you are looking for a long term solution consider 500 odd GSM or around.

Also, ensure that laying is void of punctures and if multiple sheets are required to be hot air sealed, ensure its done properly.

Alternate to digging a pond and lining films, have a look at the attached steel storage models, these are pre fabricated structures that can be sized per our requirement. (Of course wont be suitable to harvest rain water, but then one of the cost effective storage models available)

Hope this helps!

Pond Liners.pdf (54 KB)

Hi Devyani,

Alternatively, you can use Clay for the bottom & sides of the pond.  This will reduce the seepage of the water.  This is a permanent solution.

Thank you Madam Devayani,

It is better to Go for Mud Clay lining as our Friend  Padmanabhan Ganesan Suggested. This is inexpensive and and Good Solution for Water Harvesting. Film lining is expensive  and it will work out for Big Water Ponds. If at all sweep-age it will recharge the Ground water for your Bore well/ Open Well. I think you may not get value for Money in case of Small Pond. Any way get it estimated by an expert in this Field and estimate the Return out of it for FIVE Years. If it is works you can go ahead.
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Vasudha Green Farms,

i hav a 75 lakh litre artificial pond with 500 gsm geo membrane lining.
its woven and coated/treated, so incase the film gets punchured,the crack doesnt spread.
pointed and sharp edges can b a real pain, so can the sheet joints.
its beeb 3 yrs, and sadly i still hav leakage issues.
cost incurred can b easily recovered by fish farming.
then thr r many other factors depending on ur requirement and needs.
wat is the capacity and purpose u r looking for?

Mr.Kumar,wat is the highesh capacity in ur offerings and price?


Even I want to know more about the steel tanks and how it can be cheaper than plastic options?

Also Viks,
I thought fish farming is not possible with plastic lining, the fish dept guys here strongly advised to go for permanent tank with mud base, saying fish need mud/soil base for food, is there any truth in this?

I have 11 lakh rain water pond and 3 lac borewell water storage, plastic is only for smaller one, if possible to do fish I Would like to try.


Dear Mr.Vivek,

Any storage capacity is be possible as long as space is not a constraint. Cost would depend on size & thickness, which again vary case to case.I would appreciate if you could let me know what is the capacity you are looking at?


Once rain water is harvested how the water will be used? Pumped out for usage or let it percolate so ground water is replenished? I think purpose needs to be clarified.

hey Nikhil,
well, the truth is always different. people say things based on what they have heard or experienced.

let me share the little i know about off-shore fish farming.

different fishes need different environment. so yes, some varieties (eg king prawns, tiger prawns) need muddy surface, as they lay eggs and chill in it.

then some varieties dont need mud. role of mud i am not sure, but i guess its for the fishes to lay eggs and/or to make food.

ok now about geo-membrane lining. the pond depth i have is 18 feet. i have done a lot of research and visited some existing fish farming projects in my region.

so what i am doing is i have 3 different types of fishes in the same pond. the first variety (komada) these fishes chill in the lowest level, then the second variety is Katla which is a middle layer/surface fish, and finally surmai which is the top surface chilling fish.

i have heard that there are various options for all layers, and one can select depending on the market or his target. so i selected these three varieties, as the demand is good locally.

the seed cost is very minor, about Rs 200 for 300 seeds (10-15 old) and then an year after that, the fishes are ready for harvest.

i have contractors who come, lay the nets, and pick the harvest and pay me on kg basis.
so fair deal for me. 2 years down, and my pond cost are recovered.

the main purpose wasnt for fish farming, but for my polyhouse. but then it has become self sustainable and generates good revenue.


hello mr.Kumar,

well, the capacity i am looking at is 70+ lakh litre. the main purpose is to store water for farming. dimensions can be worked out on your costing, and which would be easy for transport, handling etc. land area is not as a constrain, also the land can be prepared based on your requirement if it is feasible (proper finishing, smooth edges etc)
plz advise.


I have come across a blog

about pond lining. It may help you.

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