Pomegranate NO Flowering after Bahar (Hasta)

My Pomo orchard is not bearing flowers after bahar tratment. Sprayed etherel in October. Two months gone still no flowers. Plants have good foliage. New growth has stopped. Few plants in one area bore flowers but they are dropping. I heard male flowers come first and they drop. This could be the same.  However majority plants still dont show any sign of flowering. We had more than usual share of rains after bahar. I havent given any fertilizer or irrigation other than initial basal dose after bahar since there was enough moisture in the soil. Started light irrigation and fertigation last week. Spoke with another local farmer. He too did not get flowers. He resorted to defoliation one more time. Would appreciate any advise. Shall I wait for some more time or spray etherel one more time? Thanks

before prune/etheral treatment plot should be dry ,other wise you will  get only vigour not the flower

my opinion is you again give treatment of ethereal after mid of January , until that time you stop irrigation to make plot dry