Pomegranate disease mystery solved

Bacterial Blight - a disease caused by infection of XANTHOMONAS AXONOPODIS pv Punicae - is now no longer nightmare for farmers.
A specific anti-biotic which works as bactericidal on this bacteria has now been developed.
Treatment for eradication of this disease is now available under the trade name : TELBA - Treatment which eradicates the disease killing the bacterias completely.
For details contact: Mr. K.G.GOKHALE-Pune
e-mail: krishnagokhale@gmail.com
Mob: 9552132674

Hello krishna gokhale,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for this information, hopefully this will be an effective solution to the devastating bacterial blight disease.

Feel free to include pictures of the product and field trials on this thread via ‘additional options - attach’ if you have them handy.


Dear Mr. Gokhale,

Can you please send us the information about the product and it applications system.  I wil talk to you on mobile.

Raghu Ram

I think its a marketing  gimmick,  controlling bacteria is not feasible in farm conditions.

Post farmers experience in this regard.
Thank you,
Narender Rao S

let it be a marketing gimmick. the requirement is whether this will work for the problem on large scale .
field visits of some farmers undergoing this problem could be a first step.

it is true that there are more claims on such subjects, but they do not work on the field.
an opportunity has to be given to the claimant.

Any chance that we are referring to Anthium dioxide?

[b]Mr. Gokhale sent us TELBA for experimental.  We tried TELBA on a Pomegranate orchard located in KONDAPAKA village, near SIDDIPET on Rajiv Rahadari.  But we didnt find any positive results as promised. 

Raghu Ram[/b]

Hi All?
Unless you study your soil and crops position, you shouldn’t relay on some others who are not known about agriculture.
You yourself can cure any decease of crop grown in your farm if you properly study it and try to cure at where problem started.
As of now,no chemical solution given accurate results for curing Pomogranate decease except Natural farming.

Few of my friend growing it in Natural farming method are not facing any such acute deceases because their soil is rich in health and hence it has got resisting power to with stand any such deceases from Vaatha, Pitha & Kapha.
Wishing such farming methods, all the best.

I agree with Mr. Swamy. I have seen very healthy pomegranate plantation where the farmer (Lawyer by profession!!) is giving only Jeevamruta - nothing else. He does not use any chemical fertilizer. He sometimes sprays cow urine in diluted farm. He is doing pomegranate farming on his 8 acres. That is the best pomegranate farm that I have seen. The soil looks horrible and Jeevamruta has given him such a great result.

Siddramesh Nara - 9742201385

Which is the variety of  pomegranate this discussion about? Is it about Bhagawa ? Well I was going through Palekar’s ‘Five layers’ book where he suggests not to go for this variety as this is highly sensitive variety and susceptible to frequent attacks. There are other red seed/skin varieties too
2.Phule Aaraktha

Any suggestions which is better to market and resistant to diseases/insects ?


Hi Siddramesh,

Glad to know about the healthy pomegrenate plantation, could you post some pictures if possible? Also, does he do mixed cropping or mono cropping? What is the plant spacing and plantation density?


Swamy - Could you post some pictures and more information about the healthy pomegranate plantations cultivated using Natural farming.

Friends - Does pomegranate grow well in coastal areas (30 to 50 km from sea coast)? Does anyone know of any existing plantations or if it is suitable in the following districts of AndhraPradesh (Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam)?



I do not have pictures. I do not think it is a good idea to grow pomo in coastal area. It likes hot dry weather. Humidity brings in lot of issues to it like powdery mildew, bacterial blight etc.

Dear Mr.Raj,prakruthi, Upto my knowledge ,Pomegranates can not be grown in coastal districts . If you likes to grow pomegranate in AP, pl purchase lands any where in Ananthapur District, part of Mahboob nagar dist,rangareddy,medak dist. It grows well in arid and semi arid zones. Or you can purchase lands in tumkur,chitradurg,koppal,bagalkot,bijapur beedar districts of karnataka. Hope the best. Any help you want pl call me  or send a private message.

Thank you Mr. G.P.Rao for the information.