Polyhouse Tomato cultivation - Varieties & practices

Hello everyone

Since summer is on its way and specially my region the temperature goes up to 45-46 degree celcius.
Because of which tomato is not grown in open, which ultimately leads to short supply and prices shoot up.
I have prepared half of acre of polyhouse for tomato cultivation this time and planning march transplantation of the crop.
Experts/consultants, which variety do you suggest for polyhouse ?

let share some important cultivation practices of tomato in this blog.

thank you


Hi aman,
You can look at Pusa variety, 

Pusa Ruby
Pusa Sadabaha

But try to water higher quantity may be even 3.5 litters per day during fruiting season and be care full on leaf miners , Expect 6=7 tons of tomato and will mature in 60-80 days.

Remove the suckers and do not allow vegetative growth .

I love growing them. Its because you see fruit very fast:)

good luck


Thanks gautham

i did check with the institution and i have also ordered seeds for an acre of pusa sadabahar for open cultivation.

moreover they suggested me to go for typically greenhouse varieties that go up to a height of 17-18 feet, and are high yielders.

I searched and found a company Rizk zwaan. i have contacted them, though the seed cost is tremendously high but its worth giving a try
will share the details soon


Hello All

Are you guys attending the expo at chandigarh from 20-22nd feb 2014 ?

they are having various functions including, hortiexpo, flora expo and potato expo India.


lots of expos comming up !
me going to mumbai for an expo on 7 & 8 i think.

i give 7/10 points for syngenta abhinav :smiley:

i expect a lot from the expo in chandigarh, its one of its type.

i attended this last year, and was pretty amazing.

Have you tried monsanto saksham or monsanto abhilash ?


no amigo, me not a tomato farmer. just have some few varieties for self consumption and for doing crazy experiments.

theres this farmer whos going tomatoes in PH this season. visited him lately. nice plot he has.

could you get the variety from him ?

coz their are like different varieties for open and then their are these so called ‘super varieties’ specially for pH.
to add to the trouble their is not a single ph farmer in my region.

:-[ :-[ :-\ :-\


I am not a tomato farmer but one of my friend once shared me that one farmer is cultivating Himsona (from Synginta) in his polyhouse with a target of 50+ tons per acre.



There are determinate tomato and indeterminate tomato varieties. Indeterminate ones are longer duration and grow like crazy.
I had planted Heem Sohna in PH and outside as well. Inside one grew to almost 20 feet, we had to take ladder for harvest. Outside achieved a decent 7 feet.
Yield wise, we got more from outside as vegetative growth was less. The PH one used all its energy to grow and grow.
So moral of the story- If you are planting indeterminate variety in PH, pruning is compulsary and you have to restrict the height and number of branches.
You will get plenty of links on tomato pruning and videos on youtube.

I got yield of almost 60 tons from 11/2 acre, which is very good, also my fruits were of higher quality and used to fetch me 1 rupee more.
Its a different story that I got an average of only Rs. 4 / kg during the 2 months of harvest. In the beginning, from 1 1/2 acres we used to send 2 tons daily to market for price of Rs. 1 :slight_smile: which used to only cover my harvest and transport. Then they all died due to a blight attack in our area. All in all, no profit no loss.

Good Luck.

Hello nikhil and joy

Yea, that was my main concern that if the plant takes so much vegetative growth then the yield should decrease, which is a complete loss to us.
hence i was searching for a specific variety which will do well inside polyhouse, and even if the plant goes tall the fruit hangs in the lower most part of it.
i came across a variety of Rizk zwaan and a variety of syngenta, specially developed for polyhouse.
will be trying both this year and will keep posting my experiences here regarding tomato inside polyouse.

thank you

Hi Nikhil,

I grow Syngenta Heem Sohna in the open too and am positive it is determinate. I don’t even stake it and it only falls back in the later stages. What am I missing?


Well, their website says it is indeterminate. I remember choosing this variety from their website cause it was long duration one. Was trying to hedge my risks as tomato prices fluctuate like anything. One day it could be Rs. 1 other days Rs. 50. Unfortunately, it wasnt my cup of tea as they say.

syngenta.com/country/in/en/P … omato.aspx

Could you be referring to some other variety?


It is HeemSohna indeed and you are absolutely right.  :stuck_out_tongue:
Time to validate the dealer speak closely, I guess!

Hi Aman,

Could you pls tell the names of the varieties from Rizwan & Syngenta that you find worth trying ?
Tia !


syngenta i won’t recommend, but you can try rizk zwaan, their is novara and cibelia.


Thanks Aman,

What is the yield (Kgs /plant) claimed by them ?


its hilariously 25 kg per plant, but i doubt it big time. i have got only 15-16 kg per plant, maximum.


Oh 25 Kgs, thats too big to believe … Since you got 15-16 Kgs,  Thats means you already have had full crop Or its still planted ?
Can you also tell when you planted them, when tomato production started and how long did it last ?

I also heard about Tanuja and Sheeja from KnowYou seeds, any idea about them ?

Regards !