Polyhouse subsidy for telangana

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to construct a polyhouse for 1 acre of land which belongs to my Parents in Telangana state.
As i have seen in TS online site and some other forums Telangana govt. is giving 75% of subsidy for construction of polyhouse.

  1. I have few doubts like initially is have to make the full 100% payment for the polyhouse construction or just 25% would be fine?
  2. If i have to make only 25% of cost then how long does it take to complete the whole process staring from construction, subsidy release, etc?
  3. What about the market for Gerbera near hyderabad or vijayawada these two cities are near for my place?
  4. Can anyone give an approximate cost for 25% of my share?
  5. How is the profit margin?

sorry for too many questions.


I think your 25% share will come around 10 lakhs.

I think you need to check with the local horticulture department for more details.


I strongly suggest that you meet the Mandal Horticultural Officer and check (1) Whether your area is covered under the target area; (2) Check whether the funds for subsidy are available.
My experience in Telangana is that they give preference for heavy weight candidates and by the time that list is over, there are no funds available.

Therefore, you must be prepared to the contingency of not receiving subsidy (if you have already completed your project) or to wait till you get approval for your poly house.

Good Luck.

     Hi sir i need small help from you, i want to make a polyhouse in 1 acre but i don't have minimum knowledge about polyhouse subsidy , to whom i need to consult , how i need to apply for subsidy,what documents i need for that, when i will get the subsidy money (before i spend money or after ).....so i need help from your side sir .i am kindly requesting that if you can give me the maximum info about above topics sir,
 Thank you .