Polyhouse/shadenet in Konkan region


I am planning to start about 20 guntha poly house in Ratnagiri, Konkan region. I am planning to grow exotic vegetables like colored capsicum, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, zukini in poly house and other exotic vegetables like broccoli etc in shed net.
I am targeting for Goa and Mumbai market for now. I would like to know is it a good idea to grow exotic vegetables in Kokan region having said weather in this region is humid.


Dear,  Sri  Praveen, Poly house farming of vegetables like Colour Capsicum, Cherry tomatoes, lettuce etc is a good proposal.

Farming of vegetables in shadenet ,may not be a correct propasal, especially in heavy rain falling areas like konkan area. Pl check once again.

In poly house, growing exotic vegetables is a wise proposal, upto my knowledge and they come well in your area.

best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thank you for the prompt response Mr Rao.
I would like to know which all exotic vegetables can be grown outside greenhouse. I read that Broccoli can be cultivated without greenhouse.


Dear sri Praveen, we can grow any vegetable/exotic vegetable  in open as well as gH/PH also. Only difference  is quality,colour and look,which will be good in GH/PH.

Which ever is an exotic vegetable today, generally will become a vegetable in our indian markets after some time… Previously, cabbage and cauliflower also were exotic vegetables and same coli family only. Now they became our regular vegetables.

Mostly any exotic vegetable ,is mostly used by above middle and above high society people only. Generally they want a quality exotic vegetable and mostly not mind for price.

Good Quality, colour and look will come if they are grown in green house, because of control climates, and they fetch good prices. Broccoli was having very good demand with high prices, till last year, but now with not much. you can produce broccoli in open but not with good quality, colour and look and it fetches low price comparitively. Keeping quality also differs in vegetables, if grown in GH/PH and open.

Basing on the above facts, pl take a good decision.  g.p.rao,  farmer


Going through the above posts, I felt I should share my experiences on the topic of broccoli cultivation in open field and the market price for it. I am not a farmer but have been closely observing the exotic vegetable market for about an year now. Good quality broccoli can be produced from open field provided you  have a good seed variety, optimum weather conditions, correct technique and inputs and that the produce is harvested at the right maturity. I have seen excellent quality broccoli being produced in the outskirts of Bangalore and Ooty. On the contrary, I am keen to know if we can successfully produce broccoli in a poly house considering lack of direct sunlight and higher temperatures. Somebody please throw light on this topic.

Coming to market prices,this year, the wholesale price in Bangalore has always been above Rs. 55-60 per kilo. ( Apart from certain exceptional days). The price has been constantly above Rs. 100/kg on most days of June. On more than a couple of occasions it has hovered around Rs. 200/kg. These are wholesale prices and not farm gate prices.

I guess, the challenge for a farmer is to get a reliable source to purchase his produce. Also, in my opinion, coastal humid climate is not suited for growing broccoli, zucchini and lettuce. Thank you.

Warm Regards,



Availability of suitable weather conditions are at very few places. To maintain suitable weather conditions only, Greenhouse/Polyhouse are utilised. Required temperatures can be controlled in GH/PH. Required Light Lux can be provided in GH/PH. We are in that opinion, that these can be available rarely at places in open and they can be created in GH/PH, as stated by experts and also with growing experiances.

At M/s Rajith farms, Kanikenalli, Sasulu hobli, Doddaballapur taluk, bengaluru Rural dist,Karnataka , producers of AMBROSIA brand vegetables are producing exotic vegatables, including Brocolli in green/poly houses successfully.Any one of us can visit that farm, with their permission and get an opinion.

At the same time,I want to request for the information,  of the farms address, where the quality broccoli is grown in open fields. It is a help for os and we farmers will go and see the growing of broccoli and follow the steps.

If broccoli can be grown in open field and good quality can be produced, we invite it and other farmers also can follow and gain good profits.

with best wishes


Dear Mr. Rao,

My post was placed with the sole intention of sharing my experience for the benefit of farmers. My comments are as follows.

Capital investment to set up a temperature controlled poly house ( fan and pad system) along with artificial lighting is very high (More than thrice the cost of a regular naturally aspirated one, am told). Add to this the high running costs. Am not sure if there are subsidised power supplies available. Will this be economically viable? Also, a few of the current generation of broccoli seeds withstand higher temperatures. They were constantly grown during this summer around Bangalore. Hence selecting the right variety is of primary importance.

I understand extensive research has been carried out in this farm. They did attempt growing broccoli in a polyhouse. If you pay a visit there now, you will find that their broccolis are being produced in open field now and not in polyhouse. I am told that shade net is used to keep most of the pests/insects away.

Broccoli is cultivated in open field in a lot of areas around Hoskote. There are few nurseries preparing saplings for exotics vegetables here and they are a good starting point to look for these fields. Do pm me or email me if that does not help. Thank you.


Dear Ajith Sir, thank you for detailed information.

I have visited Rajith Farms, Kanikenalli, 1.5 years back. Any how i will try go to them at the earliest, to see the broccoli farming in open field, by obtaining their permission.

If possible, pl give me the details of one or two farmers addresses of hoskote, who is growing broccoli in open field.

all the best sir,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sir,

Apologies for the long delay. Please reach me at 9035003669. Thank you.

Warm Regards,


can anyone tell me how much subsidy is the govt. offering to build polyhouse in konkan region of maharashtra?

Can anybody tell me which is better among Polyhouse and shadenet productivity wise?

Dear qusai,
Govt. subsidies differ from state to state, In maharashtra its 50% of the cost.
@ as4005 Polyhouse is anytime best option over shadenet.

Hi, I am from Mumbai. I would like to start shednet farming at Sindhudurga. Please advise me how much land (Minimum area) required and what type of products will be plant.