Polyhouse for Gerbera Plantation in Bhopal

Dear All

I am interested to develop a polygreen house of 4000 sq meters on my land, which is close to city in Bhopal. I wanted to know what are the economics of developing a polyhouse ( how much does it cost in sq meters ), who are the manufaturer’s ( as MP has none ), and what are the economics of gerbera plantation ?

Siddharth Samal ( samsiddharth@gmail.com )

hey Siddharth

Just a quick question. Is this gonna be your first crop in polyhouse or you are into this since a long time ? Because 1 acre of gerbera in the first try looks very daring and high initial capital investment with this crop, plus if this is the first time you are into polyhouse farming then i would recommend you to go slow and steady.


Dear Aman - Its my first project and crop both.

i wouldn’t recommend you to take such a big risk in your first crop, maybe you can try in 1000sqmt and experiment with other crops in the rest .

thank you

Dear Aman - Your suggestion of 1000sq meters seems logical. So i guess I could construct a 4000 sq meters house and only cultivate 1000 sq meters in it and subsequently grow phase wise. Could you please guide me on the economics and green house developers ?

i would suggest you to make 4 units of 1000 sqmt each or 2 units of 2000 sqmt each, which ever suits you.