Polyhouse and Areca nuts

I am a farmer from malnad region of Karnataka and I have been growing areca nuts now I am enthusiased in growing bitter gourd in polyhouse we want to know the availability of seeds the one which yield more and everything about growing any other crops in the polyhouse like Jarbera and any new technology that we can adopt which gives more profit to less invest And many other things I am glad to be a member of such a great social media which has brought all the farmers of world under one roof thanks to its developer and managers Thank you


Dear Sri Laxmanappa,

You can grow bitter gourd successfully in polyhouse/greenhouse. Mainly we should caliculate the economics, while selecting a crop to be grown in polyhouse. it should fetch a good price. In bitter gourd, VNR 28 , of VNR Nursery, Raipur is doing well. Good market acceptance, good/considerable price and demand.

Yields will be much high in polyhouse , density of plants will be more and quality will be very good and very atractive for consumers and , we , farmers can get good returns.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, Farmer

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As per our knowledge and inputs from brand partners, bitter gourd is not suggested to be grown in Polyhouse.
We listed Polyhouse suggested products at https://www.bighaat.com/collections/polyhouse-seeds.
Please let us know if you need any specific products or additional information.

An experiment was conducted under acta hort on bitter gourd farming in greenhouse for 6 months to test the possibilities, goods and bands, limitations etc. The results shown are satisfactory growth, considerable yield. They found Keeping quality in transport is poor. Not recommended for shipments to distant places.

Indian vegetables ,generally , will not fetch regular good rates. Hence farmers don’t prefer to grow Indian vegetables, as they fetch consirderably less prices. More over go farmers have to compete with local open farming farmers. Quality products may be preferred by consumers but not at good price difference. Indian market strategy.

Economics to be caliculated/assessed by the farmer before starting the said crops in greenhouses, what prices to be aimed and economical or not. The commercial farming in the greenhouse is not for hobby and all the farmers will think twice before farming. VNR nihilism 28 is fetching a good price of rs 40/- to 75/- per kilo to the farmer regularly. If sufficient continuous local market exists only we can think.

The seed manufacturers concentrate and encourage only those crops, which are farmed by major portion of the farmers, as they need good quantity to be consumed as the process is expensive.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

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