Poly house construction questions

Dear All,

I have around 4000 sft area in my new home, which my family initially planed for landscaping. After continuous persual they have agreed to my thought of organic farming for home grown vegetables and currently we are planning 1000 sft for the same.

So taking my plunge into farming, small scale though!  Request all expert mentoring here on FN

Right now we have levelled the land and next week proposing to make beds using redsoil and cowdung + coconut coir mixture.

I also happened to speak with polyhouse manufacturer’s locally and yes, as the blog debates they quote around Rs.850 to Rs.1600 depending on level of automation required. The fully computerized one with ventilator fan, cooling pad, moisture sensors, humidity controllers etc looked like gonna burn me heavy. So considered the basic model without any automation. Got few offers as well.

Here are few queries:

1)I am advised to disinfect the land after making bunds using formalin solution, is it absolutely required? I am thinking no chemicals no fertilizers ever, ever! So anyother natural way to disinfec the land? Neem water?

2)What shape would require for a climate in Coimbatore, am advised Gable shaped as arc type is suggested for cold climates. Does shape really matter? At the end of the day dont it depend on what thickness or what material we use for cladding?

3)As my company is into solar water pumping systems, using our existing resource in precision fabrication of structures, I tried to evaluate the cost for the polyhouse including LDPE 200 microns for 1000sft, and it worked to be apprx Rs.45 a sft i.e Rs 490/sq.m. Is this cost realistic or are there companies offering readymade solutions much cheaper saving me the pain?
I considered tunnel type arc structure using MS pipes accomodating 50’ * 20’ with ridge height to be 7ft. .Does height matter as well?

4)I read somewhere preferred direction is south - north and East and south sun is excellent for the green house, which can remain open on both these sides, but it should be shaded on the north and the west to protect from winds, is this how design constraints are normally considered?

  1. What life typically bamboo polyhouse offers?

6)Last but not the least, if my poly house cost works out to Rs.45,000 for 1000sft, will I still get any subsidy? If so how much? Also like most of the Govt schemes is the subsidy given to the benefciary only if purchased from a list of empanelled manufacturer’s or as an individual would I be able to get any?

The produce is not planned for commercial and is for our own use with kith and kin. So not expecting a return, but strongly considering this as a prototype , success of against which considering large scale farming.

I already believe I will be guided here well and thank all in advance.

Looking forward for suggestions/advice/precautions and of course a slap at back of my head when needed :slight_smile: