Poly house construction help in Kerala

Hi All
        I have been approved 75% subsidy for building a 1000 sqmt poly house in Thodupuzha, Kerala last week. I need to complete the project before January 30th 2015 which is 2 months from now. I am trying to get opinion from everyone regarding the do’s and don’t do’s when constructing a poly house. Even though I am from a family with agricultural background, I am completely new to the hi-tech farming and would appreciate any help from you guys. Below are some of the things i need help with . APPROXIMATE BUDGET IS AROUND 12  LAKHS

  1. Does anyone have a list of approved contractors who can build a poly house in kerala and any recommendations based on your previous experience?
  2. What shape is ideal for kerala’s climate? I have heard from some owners that we should go with gable shape- any recommendation on this?
  3. Rate per sqmt ? I checked with couple contractors and I got Rs 1150 from one and Rs 1250 from another one per sqmt. Is this reasonable or would  i be able to find better price? (government’s approved rate per sqmt is Rs 935 and any thing over that I will have to put from my pocket and is not covered by subsidy)
  4. What are the do’s and don’t do’s when constructing a poly house in your experience?
  5. Is there any additional features that I should add to the poly house other than drip irrigation, misting, fogging etc? How about sensors, ph meteret, thermometer  etc?
  6. Any recommendation on crop selection based on kerala’s climate?
  7. Any recommendation on preparation of solid beds?
  8. Is better to use soil bed or bags with soil in it?
  9. Any tips to prevent virus, fungal etc?

Any help from you guys are appreciated and let’s share our experience and try to make this a successful venture. Thanks


I am getting a lot of quotes for constructing the poly house from outside Kerala which are almost half the price than what some of the companies from Kerala have quoted me. I am not sure if there is any difference in the quality. Any input on this? Rs 800 vs Rs 1400 per sqmt is what I am looking at.

Dear Steve,

                    Please meet Dr. Suresh Kumar, Biofarms R & D center (H S Polyhouse & marketing) , Balan Pilla city, Ramakkal medu (via Thookkupalam), Idukki Dt, which is nearby your  place for complete solutions of Polyhouse/Greenhouse. You can also see various models of polyhouses there.

His Mobile Nos. 82814 460078; 99478 92496

B R Reddy

Dear Steve,

Please let me know your mail ID and contact details to otm@in.com

I will send you some informative documents


Mathew sir I also planning to make a poly house for 10 cents. kindly advise.my mail.talk2unnikb1@rediff.com

Thank you Reddy. I will contact Mr Suresh Kumar tomorrow itself.

Thanks for helping out Mathew. I have sent you an email now . It will be really great if you could send me any details.

        Did you apply for the government subsidy yet? There is a 75% subsidy which you can qualify for if you submit the application. Let me know what stage you are on and where you are planning to have the poly house. Thanks

Dear Steve &  Unni

Please email the dimensions of the area to be polyhoused to saravana.kumar@greencurrent.in or do call me at 9566600477 for a brief discussion.

We will design and offer you our cost.


You may contact Mr. Hareesh @ 09995091807. He is Kerela based and is also an expert in soilless cultivation.

Hi Steve,

How did the research go? I think by now your polyhouse should have reached more than half stage. Please do take some pictures during the build and post it so that more people can get an idea on how to do it.

Good Luck, awaiting updates


hi steve
i have obtained sanction for subsidy for 100o sqm polyhouse.how is ur project going on.not seen any updates

Dear Mr. Steve,

Good morning!

Myself Abhijit Joshi, from Rise n’ Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune. We are supplier of TC planting material for various flower crop of commercial projects, specifically growing under polyhouse/green house. And also provides technical back-up. I am sorry to see your post so late. I want to know the current status of project. Hope I can help you in this matter.

Please feel free to contact me (+919552521677)

Abhijit D. Joshi
Manager-Technical Support

Would like to know whether it is possible to get subsidy for roof top poly house project of small size (say 1250 sq ft) in Kerala?
Also, it would be helpful if any one could tell from their experience about the life span of such poly house and what kind of yearly maintenance required  etc?