Please suggest Live mulching(cover) crop for Arecanut farm

We have 2.5 acre Areca farm. We are in the process of implementing ZBNF method in this farm.

Please advice what could be good cover crop(live mulching) for Arecanut ? It should be a perennial crop, where we trim it every other month and it should grow again…

Rubber board suggests few crops in this website - - This website suggests few cover crops (Mimosa invisa, Stylosanthes gracilis, Calapogonium muconoides and pueraruia Javanica ).

Please suggest what could work best based on your experience.

Farm location is Mangalore, Karnataka (about 25 Km from coast)

-Ganapathi Bhat.


Please see the link

I am using one variety of pureria, it establishes nicely.


Dear Nandan,

Please let me know where i can get the seeds.

-Ganapathi Bhat

I have requested them and they will give me this week. They asked me pay only harvesting cost. I will send you if you need.