Please suggest good books for beginner in Agriculture!

Hello guys,

    I have recently ventured in to agriculture with Papaya orchard. I have zero knowledge in this field and i would like to master this field( at least subjective knowledge). can you please suggest some good books…?

Language : English.

Basically looking for books covering below things

  1. How plants grow…? What all necessary macro and micro nutrients required for vegetation,flowering,fruiting cycles in Plants growth cycle etc
  2. Soil structure and useful microorganisms found in it and its uses.
  3. General diseases Handbook covering nutrients deficiency, insects, Bacteria, fungus etc related Plant Diseases.
  4. Agriculture basics covering planting, watering, fertigation , field maintenance techniques.
  5. Any books on Organic or Natural Farming.

Anyways you guys know more than me what basic knowledge is required for good farmer… :slight_smile:. I will be following you :slight_smile:

Pavan. This can get you started with the basics. Some of their videos are available in youtube. Sorry, couldn’t find any training material specific to papaya cultivation.


Books on Natural Farming…in that order

  1. One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka: … ukuoka.pdf
  2. Zero budget natural farming techniques by Mr. Palekar: Please visit this site to order zero budget natural farming books-
    palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarmin … aspx 

I see above books covering techniques or procedures to be followed in Natural or ZBNF. Before going this books, i would like to understand Plant growth,Soil structure and useful microbes , Diseases causes Handbook so on…

I don’t have any hesitation in reading any graduate level Books to get scientific understanding. can you please suggest such Books…?


Dear Pavan,
The books from Mr. Subhash Palekar (of palekarzerobudgetspiritualfa … /zbnf.aspx) are good to get majority of the and may be more information you are looking about Soils, Plant growth etc. I recommend to read all books of his even though you are interested in specific plant /crop cultivation.  Me being a stranger to agriculture and interested in natural farming methods read all his and recommending you.


OK then as you guys suggested, I will start with Palekar Sirs books.

Thank you all  :slight_smile:

Dear Pavan,

More good books to read:

  1. Agricultural Testament (Albert Howard)
  2. The Omnivore’s dilemma (Michael Pollan)
  3. The joy of Natural Farming (Bharat Mansata)

Studying only one plant and its specific cultivation practices may result in a fragmented understanding. Agriculture is a vast, complex, fascinating and profound discipline. It would perhaps be best to start with a broad view of the basics, and the different forms that it has evolved into. Once you choose your path, you are free to get into specifics… :slight_smile:



Thanks for the suggestion !!  I will include above books also in my reading list.

Even I was looking to start an agriculture venture and wanted some books to start reading. Is there a place/shop in Mumbai where i can go through and then buy books. I did try places like Crosswords, but they dont have books on farming.
Suggestions about book store would help.

Bhayya ,

There is no need of going for any Books  for your Agriculture / Horticulture 
Operations .You go through the Agri Portal of TNAU. We have Provided the link below.

They are making dedicated work on Agri-Horticulture. The information Provided
by them is more than enough for a Farmer in India. If you could not get any
information require can have from our Forum. Happy Farming GO AHEAD Sir

The correct website is

In my opinion, it is a good website but not a great website as many of the details are missing there.

Thank you Sir,

Agritech  is a Part of this website i.e.  Pages  in


Have read a few books on agriculture for laymen from various sources. I found one of them I had borrowed from a friend more scientific than most , you can try it if you can get hold of a copy - Plenty for All by Shripad A. Dabholkar

Thanks Ramesh !!

i have just completed 4 books of Palekar Sir. I will add above book in to my readings list Queue.