Please save my dying rose plant

Dear All,

Recently I did pruning to my rose plant. it showed good new shoots in 2 weeks time.

But now its struggling to survive. its new shoots are falling. stems are becoming black and spreading through out.

The soil is wet even though I do not water. Please find the pics attached.

Please help.

Thank you

Venu Kulkarni

Try moving the rose plant in its pot near to a Tulasi or Vetiver (wala in Marathi).

Once when I had to go on a few weeks vacation, had moved a rose plant pot to a vetiver bush. Later when I came back, I saw that the rose plant leaves were clean and shining, and two beautiful roses bloomed. See … etiverBush

If the problem is from the soil (nematodes, etc) then I cant see how moving the pot to a Tulasi bush will work. Maybe you can try, placing Tulasi, Neem leaves in water for a few hours and use the water for the rose pot.

This is an amateurish advice. Just try it and report what happens.
k vinod kumar


Is it getting enough sunlight?
Why is soil wet without watering? Is the drain hole at the bottom of the pot plugged and somehow excess water is not able to drain out?
I would remove the mulch.

Good luck.


It appears like a nematode infestation, coupled with nutrient deficiency. Try re-potting the plants and add plenty of neem cake powdered ( de-oiled)
Good compost from a trusted source to be used along with a potassium source ( for veggies- potash, for others bone meal - handfull, some say a banana peel in the pot helps)
Happy blooming !

Hi All,

Thanks for the reply…

The plant is DEAD…  :'( :'( :'(

The whole plant became black within no time… and all the green leaves are gone.

I sprayed sour butter milk… but did not help…

Yes it was getting good sunlight… One of the reason I think is that the temperature difference between day and night is large… (min 12 - max 32)

Thanks all


Sorry to hear the death. Please dont be disheartened. You tried your best.

Try planting a new rose among a Tulasi or Vetiver bushes. Also feed with deoiled neem cakes to take care of nematodes.