Please help on borewell issue

I am secretary of Shree Jagannath Temple at Goa which is just opened last November. We have a 3kva off-grid solar system to power the Temple lighting and meet water need. Now we got a bore-well digged, total 285 feet, water table is from 200ft. We have been thinking to go for cera1c/21 1hp or 0.75 hp and will get water for Temple and devotee use. We have limitations of fund and can not take chance of buying something that will be not useful. So we asked one of my friends, who is into digging business and for test we took one of his reconditioned pump laying idle to check if it is working. ( He told he had changed the impeller and it should work). We tried on ground, it started. After inserting in water into 250feet bore, the pump did not start and error code of Flinlite solar inverter says ’ the output is short circuited’. I do not know if it is due to the old pump when got inside water, it got shorted. Now I have spoken to ksb dealers , who have sure the data. As such their model C1/21 of 1hp as well as 0.75 go both have discharge at 99m head of about .8cubic metre per HR / 0.5cubic metre per hour. Our water requirement is not more than 2 cubic metre po we day. Shall I go for new pump if 0.75hp and good starter? Need help…

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1.The replaced pump is not working/ starting after installation in the borewell though it works on ground testing.Pl check again with the pump supplier.

Additionally please clarify:

A.What is reported discharge / observed yield of the borewell towards completion of borewell drilling at 285 feet???

B. What is the standing water level … is it 200 feet below ground or water bearing zone (aquifer) was struck at 200 feet below ground???. Can you provide correct information.

C. Location details and terrain conditions

Sundar Raman
Groundwater Specialist