Plants which attract beneficial bugs

Some bugs eat our crops, but fortunately, there are other bugs that eat those plant-eating bugs. The trick is to make  one’s garden appeal to them. You can attract beneficial insects primarily by planting flowers.
Even though predation is the goal, most predatory insects also need nectar and pollen as a source of food. During their flower-feeding stage, they act as pollinators in your garden.
Let us have a list of the species to plant in one’s garden insectary. Species that bloom throughout the growing season so there is a continual food source for the beneficial bugs. Also, the flowers those are nectar-rich and easy for beneficial bugs to access.

Dear Hiren bose sir, As you said, we can control the plant eating bugs ( insects ) like, thrips, mites, Apids etc etc with other hunting natured ( bug/insect eaters, ofcourse NV ), by growing benefitial plants like, marigold,alfalfa, roses, sun flower, most of the wild weed plants.

      For this purpose, Government of India has established NBAII, in Bengaluru. This institute is in action and supplying some useful insects also.

        Some companies also supplying beneficial hunting insects as said above and to list Arnicaorganically, Plannenaturally, etc., like NBAII, but NBAII is the best.

But I feel it is long time taking process and some of our universities should see that ,this comes true and helpful to our farmers. Any how, I will appreciate your idea.

g.p.rao,  farmer