Plants that grow in Shades of trees

Dear Members,
I have a lemon tree in my home.(pics attached). I want to grow some more plants in the free space available under the tree.
Please tell me which plants grow well under the shades of tree.

considering the tropical weather of north India( Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh).
Here weather is extremely hot during May, June, July( max temp 42-43 C), good rain fall during months of August  and extreme cold winters with min temp of 4-5 C in Dec, Jan.

Please suggest plants with flowers and it would be extremely great if plants with edible fruits is suggested.

Please help .


Gaurav Sachdeva 

      you can go for any flowering bushes like jasmine and rose within the shade of the lemon tree. Lemon by itself cannot be considered as a tree, but a bush because it doesn’t grow high. Hence you cannot go for any high growing tree, but most of the flowering trees are shade tolerant.


The current thread pleased & entertained me a lot.With hardly any space for utilisation,my friend wants to grow some edible crops.I won’t dissuade you in your mission .So suggestion is to get going immediately.Now(May-June) is the time to grow two edible crops i.e. turmeric(haldi) and ginger(adarak).You need not worry for ginger since all ginger available in vegetable market with shoots protruding are seeds and you can plant the tubers in shady soil. After 10-15 days small ginger plants will be visible.After few months(in winters)it will be fit enough to dig out and utilise the roots of ginger in cooking.

Short plants like turmeric and ginger can tolerate shade. There are many plants taller than these, blocking the sun and these plants have evolved to tolerate shade. Arvi (Marathi) (colocasia, taro, chembu (malayalam),  is another plant that can tolerate shade.

It is correct that colocasia(arbi) can comfortably be grown in shade.There are innumerable plants which can grow in shade of other plants/trees.Asperagus racemosus,rauwolfia serpentina,piper longum,piper small,diascoria  etc and many more can comfortably be grown under the shade.

you can also plant different kinds of plants like litchi, anar, etc but you give the water on summer as per the requirement.

Dear Forum Farmer Friends,

Up to my knowledge, Anar and litchi plants do well with direct sun light. They don’t like shade.

Qualified professionals like Dr Chandra, Dr Ramu etc etc may give their opinion for the benefit of the forum farmer friends.

This is only for the forum farmers benefit .

best regards,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Mint, Ginger, Garlic and spinach would do well in shade. Ginger and garlic will do well in winter with the temperatures you have mentioned.

shade loving herbs, brahmi, kalmeg can be cultivated.

There are different kinds of fruit trees are available in india.