Plants of height 8ft to serve as natural fencing

Dear Gurus,

Could you please suggest plants/varieties of trees that grow faster but up to the height of 8 to 9 ft only (because of electrical wires above this level) and that can be served as natural fencing?

Area is Rangareddy District, Telangana State.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Experts,

Any suggestions, please?


you can think of the following trees but prune at 8’ to avoid the growth, but you g

  1. Malabar Neem
  2. eucalyptus
  3. Gacchakaya (not sure if it grows so long)
  4. Henna (not sure if it grows so long)
  5. Teak

unconfirmed or unauthorized information I have says that eucalyptus is not ideal for soil and water basin, but I am not sure about the correctness of the same.


  1. Karvand or Karonda (Carissa carandas) 
    2)Sagar Goti, (Caesalpinia bonducella)
    3)Adulsa (Adhatoda vasica) .

Are the best natural fence which also have medicinal value.
try it
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