Planting Beam Bamboo

Hi Experts.

Can anyone suggest how to grow beam bamboo on commertial scale?  what cares to be taken? any of your experiences? how to start i.e. from seeds or saplings?

any comments or suggestion are welcomed

see if this can help you … india.html

What is the botanical name of Bhima bamboo ?

I went through the blog, May be his fault was getting lured in by the companies. But i see a big market of bamboo coming up as the construction work is catching up the market and will be more extensive in coming 6-10 years, plus it can be sold locally. As per my experience, this need very less care and expenses and maintenance

NO clue about the botanical name… :-[

HI Samarth Jain,

You are right that Bamboo is in big demand and future there will be more demand. But that is for treated bamboo. As fas as I see framers will not make money as usual.
As some of the study I did on the direct marketability of agricultural products, I faced a huge resistance from the framers to do basic activities like cleaning sorting etc so that the products could be directly sold to the end customers.

So unless the farmers make the products ready to be consumed by end customer good price cannot be realised.


I want to start bamboo cultivation in 4 acres of land.

Need tips, suggestions and guidelines from experienced farmers

any details will be appreciated.

Did u see this site? …

For info on Bamboo mission.