Planting a Lychee Tree in Pune, Maharastra

Hi, I live in Pune, Maharastra

3 Years back We had Planted a Lychee sapling grown from a seed in front yard. The tree now is almost 5 ft in hight.

Just asking if any one has luck having Lychee tree and fruits?

please share your experience


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I have planted Lychee 7 years back, this year lychee tree started flowering…

That’s great. So I still have hope. Mine lychee is six years old. Hope it flowers next year. 


Lychee has been considered to be growing only in certain Northern States in India.
However, Shri, Bhaskar Saveji, the father of Natural Farming methods has grown
Lychee successfully in Umbargaon on Gujarat Maharashtra border in a coastal belt.
Please google to know more about him &his methods. He helped Shri. Ashok Sanghavi
to develop his farm. Pl. click on this link to
read more[b].


Updates on Lychee Tree
For the first time almost leaves came down. 10-15 bunches of flowers ranging from 5 to 10 came up a few has survived. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, keep on updating us on this, your experiment would help us a lot.

It is successfully being grown with one of my FB friends in Nashik very successfully.No issues it will give flowers and fruits in Pune.