Plantation based on CRA Technic (Climate Resilient Agriculture)

Methods for better absorption of water through digging of pits, using pipes, and mixing vermi-compost, for efficiency in water use, taught.

The CRA (Climate Resilient Agriculture-Water Root Zone Irrigation) Technique of planting saplings and growing trees with minimal water requirement was explained to the district officials on Sunday by K. Sathyagopal, Chairman and Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Water Resources Conservation and Rivers Restoration Corporation.

How you can follow this technique at your garden

To begin with a pit of 2 feet is dug as done in conventional methods and additional holes are drilled further up to

1-foot depth in the corners of the pit using a crowbar depending on soil type. Four PVC pipes of 3-foot length and 3 to 4 inch diameter are placed vertically in the corners of the pit to create water-absorbing columns filled with river sand and compost. Sieved vermicompost or manure is mixed with river sand or red soil and applied in the bottom of the pit to a height of half a foot. Then the pit is filled with removed soil mixed with vermicompost or manure. The sapling is now planted in the pit after adding some more quantity of un-sieved vermicompost or manure and the pit is filled fully. PVC pipes are removed creating four sand columns that absorb water faster and is stuffed with soil nutrients which are two feet below the surface i.e. to the root zone. Once the sand column is saturated, the moisture spreads laterally and the entire root zone sphere will retain moisture enabling faster growth.

I have created this croup with basic information basically to understand whether this method is successful as I am planing to planting around 30+ acres with variety of Fruit bearing trees.

Thank you for sharing this, this is interesting. In comparison I could see that it has even outgrown Miyawaki method.

On a side note, how are you planning to plant 30+ acres of your farm? Where are you from and where do you plan to source the saplings?

Raj Pawan Gumdal

I am planing to extend the plantation in a phase manner over a year time. Commencing coconut plantation in 2 acres land now and rest yet to plan once i get the soil tested.

Our land situated in Tumakuru district around 150km from Bengaluru.

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