Plant fencing for road side paddy fields

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  I had 30 acres paddy field along road side, Pl: suggest me what kind of plant fencing  can I go
with minimum investment, and even minimal income also,
  located in bobbili , near to eastern ghats,


You may get good answers here … /#msg11814

Adavituti a Shurb is the easy way of growing plant .It will be growing very Fast .It will grow very fast. it will cover the fence with in 20 Days.
it easily available on the road sides  in coastal belts. it will cover the fencing very Fast.When ever want to remove the fence very easily.
It will not be eaten by any Animal even by Goats also.Hence it is Considered as easy and cheapest way of fencing.

Adavituti? Any other name or pic please?

See below, it should help you

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I will  Post the Images after the Rains.It is easily Growing Plant and
even Goats also will not eat,

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some photos on search. think this is the shrub that is being discussed. normally found in wastelands in dry hilly areas.
shrub fence.docx (35 KB)

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FirstOne is Mahabala, Other 2nd one is not clearly Visiable.

The Plants I have suggest are not these Ones.

I will post the Photos.

Telugu : Addasaramu, botanical name : Adhatoda Vasica. This shrubby medicinal plant the leaves are grinded and sprayed as pest repellent in our paddy fields . Goat will not touch it.