Planning to start poly house

Hi everyone.

I am new to this forum.

Let me start by introducing myself.
I am mainly from IT background ,so no experience of farming. I am interested in venturing into polyhouse farming  since I want to move to my native place( Hoshiarpur  in Punjab).

Some questions related to polyhouse farming:

1)Are there any courses , where I can get some on-site exposure, available which can get me started?
2) For starters,  I am planning to lease land instead of buying it
3) Since I am from Punjab , what are most suitable crops to target for polyhouse farming(I am thinking  of either colored capsicum or seedless cucumber)?
4)I am planning to initially invest around 10 lakhs( I want to get some exposure to this , hence I am planning to just have  a greenhouse  for 1000-2000sqm). if it works out, I am planning to expand this.
4) How helpful are polyfarming consultancies? Is it worth to hire them?If yes what are the costs?

Any additional information will be helpful  :slight_smile:


Hi Ankit,

Please go through the forum link Viks detailed his work and many shared their views. Though it is not active these days, it will give good start.


Thanks Soundar.

Dear Sri Ankit,

  1. HTC, Horticulture Training Centre, Talegaon, Pune are giving 5 days training (both theory ad practical) on Green House farming, incl construction, maintenance and crops, systems etc, by collecting a fee of rs 5,500/_ , which includes training fee, stay and food & transportation etc.

Contact Sri Ravindra Deshmukh, on 09822499265 , for details and booking. English/Hindi classes will be once in a month and Marathi classes will be 5 times in a month.

After your training, we will discuss further.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer.

I had been to the Training in the Last session. One can have the basic knowledge about the Green House Farming and could not get Training about Construction  of Commercial Green House Part.Anyway construction has to be don by a company only and not on our OWN. However who want to go for Poly House / Green House shold have the Basic Training.It will be helpful in well maintenance of the same.

MANNE SB, Vasudha Green Farms,, 9133498366.

Dear one and all please get me the solution for my request
Im planning to start a polyhouse in tumkur, i have come across some problem in initial stage, please get the solution to overcome…actualy land RTC where i am planning to start is in my grandmother name she ws 93 years old now, so bankers are not ready to give a loan in her name…but if i get the loan n project in my name, is there any issue to apply the subsidy in NHB where the land is in my grandmother name. If i take the loan in my name, the payorder and the bills are given in my name only, so is there any problem for the subsidy to get.