Planning to start an Aquaponic farm in Hyderabad - Need some guidance

Dears, I have recently joined this forum and I think this is really a great forum to seek advice, Networking etc.
I live in Hyderabad and have been interested in farming since past 4-5 years. Always thought of starting a farm but haven’t yet managed to take the plunge.
I am interested to start an aquaponic farm. I have setup a small Aquaponic garden on a terrace. Its been more than a year and its going good. I have been able to grow some Lettuce, Spinach and tomatoes pretty consistently now.
I am now thinking of starting a small scale commercial farm. And need some advice/guidance from the experts.
Here is an high level plan

  1. Look for a piece of land for a long term lease. I am thinking to start on a 2500 -
    5000 SFT. then expand depending on how it goes.
  2. Construct a naturally ventilated polyhouse on 2500 - 5000 sft
  3. Hire a farm manager
  4. Market survey to understand what vegetables are in demand. Not sure how to do
    it. May be hire an agency.

As I said, I am a newbie so any help/guidance/suggestions on the above points would be really helpful.