Planning to PolyHouse agri in tonk Rajsthan

hello friends,
i am kedar Patel from Village - kirawal, Via - Diggi, Teh.- Malpura, Tonk, Rajsthan.
i am planning to start Poly/Greenhouse farming…but i do not have much experience about it. just checked in you tube videos and spoke 2 farmers…they said its good. if any bodyhave knowledge of “Poly/Greenhouse farming” fully
Please guide me.
1.what kind of crops can grow
2.Is it profitable or not
3.what kind of technical problems we get
4.maintanance per annual/1 Acre
5.Difference between Poly/Greenhouse farming
6.what are the Poly/Greenhouse farming construction companies list…which company will build good poly/greenhouse
7.where can we get training

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Kindly do your home work and have practical training of growing crops and greenhouse management before considering it a farming venture. See how much money can invest for appropriate technology for your climate and crops . There is no readymade solution for it . You have to do your homework

First start growing vegetables/flowers whatever is your interest in open field.
As polyhouse is a costly affair one should have hands on experience of growing.

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the most success full crops are as follows:
Cucumber, Capsicum, Tomatoes.

but this will all come later, test your water fully- EC, PH are basic tests. U will also need carbonates of Calcium , magnesium, cloride and floride levels.
next soil- same repeat with macro nutrients and micronutrients
this is just base data collection,
next start studying topics in following order:
Cation Exchange Capicity of soils (identify your soil based on this topic)
water quality standards required for green house crop production
Alkalinity of soils and water and remedies
fumigation techniques of soil
how to prepare vermicompost at your farm (subsidy is availabe but not required at all)
after u have studied this then u can start estimation of project revenue.
poly-house suppliers list is available in each district Horticulture department in Rajasthan, subsidy is 50% for general person as per cost of govt. actual benefit is appx. 30%; added advantage of zero headaches for new farmer.
write to me on this forum for further questions-or forever hold your peace if you are not ready to go up a fast learning curve.

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IHITC,jaipur training is availabe, but it will be very basic and of no great use( in my opinion).
Visit Centre of Vegetable excellence in Gharunda,Haryana . or visit farmers near Bassi and Basedi villages,Jaipur.

Why are you going for a poly house? Too much heat? or Too much wind?
Would you be using climate control (AC or cooler)?
Would you be using drip irrigation or normal irrigation methods?
A1. All crops
A2. It requires high initial investment 1 to 4Lakh per acre (Vertical pipes can be metal/PVC/bamboo. and the top replaced after 3 to5yrs
A5. Polyhouse is a greenhouse made of polythene (plastic on top).
A6. Google search “polyhouse construction companies rajasthan”

You can grow 4 levels together to get maximum usage of land and benifits of multi-croping:

  1. Underground level - Onion/garlic/potato/ginger/etc

  2. Overground (below knee level) - Cabbage/Cauliflower/Lettuce/Pineapple

  3. Aboveground (above knee level) - Tomato/Chilies/Capsicum/

  4. Overhead Creepers (bestsuited for hot climates) - beans/cucumbers/bittergourd/all kinds of melons (melons will need wooden or stronger trellis/chain-link net).

Beans and Melons just love the sun and heat. They can be grown without polyhouse in Rajasthan. But make sure the seeds you get are heirloom and FREE. NEVER BUY SEEDS…one can never trust seeds that have are paid for. You can get good heirloom seeds only from organic/Natural/ZBNF farmers.

Never EVER do monocrop (single crop in one area). In this method one will be working against nature and not easy.

Start small 1/4 of acre for 1 year… only then… expand.

Farming is not as easy as it looks.

It was easy 50 to 100yrs ago. Farmers today are competing against high end technology guys like Bill Gates the Patent guy. They want to patent seeds and to this end they have a seed bank in Norway from the seeds taken from Asia & Africa. These are the group of people who are trying to control the seed so they can control the population, money and the world. In the name of feeding the multitude they are creating hybrid seeds, seedless fruits and terminated seeds (which can grow only for 1 generation). 99% farmers are not even aware of such things and blame their soil for poor output.

Farming also call on the farmer to do water management of the water he gets from rain. 99% of farmers do not do it and expect the govt to do it for them. Youtube search “why floods occur? plugincaroo youtube”.

You can also grow low cost hydroponic fodder for people who have poultry or cattle (check out on youtube " Open Air Hydroponic Fodder Machine PlugInCaroo"). Since it is grown on racks 500 sqft can feed around 50 local cows!

Farming also requires heirloom cattle ie local breed and not hybrid cattle.

The most important thing is that Farming can only be sustainable… YEAR AFTER YEAR… only if you DONT have to invest from your pocket every year (especially things like fertiliser, nutrients, pesticide, etc)

ZBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming) too can be done once Polyhouse is erected.

Too much advice is always confusing. Visit poly house farms in Jaipur. Talk to the grower and take training from reputed training institute

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Hi Kedar,

This is Amit . You already done Polyhouse in your land in Malpura ? As I also want to set up one poly house in same area ? If it’s success Malpura and Diggi will be great .
I am only worried for hard (Khara ) water in this area.


Hello kedar i have started a polyhouse in chandsen, malpura, tonk. I need the same informations like you, if you got some information about the polyhouse process please call me : 7002697501


I already have a polyhouse in Malpura, but i need more knowledge. If you can help please call me on no. 7002697501