Planning to cultivate Moringa in our farm near Tutucorin, Tamil Nadu

We recently signed a lease for 30 acres of land near Tutucorin.
We are planning to cultivate Moringa in 25 acres for the leaves.
We haven’t decided on the remaining 5 acres.
If anyone has suggestions for cultivating suitable crop that’s high demand and can grow well in that area, that would be helpful.

First check the land and water pH level

Thanks for the info. Is there high demand for Morunga ? Some farmers say Murungai kaai ( drum stick) doesn’t fetch good price …

You can try “ Kodukapuli “ which grows in dry areas as rain fed. As on date it appears price is fine

Murunkaikai not getting price in Tamil Nadu
Other states like Karnataka some get better price

This is not drumstick pods but drumstick leaves which has potential in international markets.

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