Planning for Start of a new Project in Farming


As i am new to this Industry,Just wanted to get some Ideas and Reviews on My Plan.

I have 8 Acres of Land 2 and half acre of Wet Land and 5 and half of Dry Land,Which will be Converted to wet land soon as i am Planning to Dig up Bores for the 2nd Lot of Land.

The only Crops which i will be able to harvest on these lands are Paddy and Groundnuts,need some expert advise on from where to start and What are the Measures and Technologies that i can Adopt.

Thanks and Regards
Pratish Naidu

Dear Naidu,
Which part of India your land is situated? Paddy and groundnuts are different kind of crops and if they can grow, then why can’t grow any other crops?

Please come back with complete profile of land as well as your feature plan.

Hi  Swamy,

The Land is Located near Thiruvannamlai District in Tamil Nadu.

as far as Crops are Concerned as per my Knowledge my ancestors have been Harvesting These 2 Crops.

I am very much Interested in Other Crops but i am very new so wnated to know what are the best suitable Seeds to be used.

If any other Query Please Post some Questions so that i can answer them better.

Thanks in Advance

Pratish Naidu

Dear Naidu,
Good and you can start cultivating any crops, but considering on climate conditions around your land.
You are young and energetic who has got contacts like this forum and with the available knowledge, you can very well cultivate what ever the crop you like.

All the best.

Thanks Swamy for your Encouragement…

Hello everyone.
I am new member to this group.
I really want to start my own business in agriculture. My plan is to go full time in this business after 1 year. Only earning money is not the objective.

Why I want to start agriculture related business?
Even today, in India many people don’t consider agriculture as a business. Most of the farmers are sending their children to cities for better future/income. This one thing is the cause of so many other problems.
I want to do something in this area so that more people start doing agriculture as a business & feel safe their children’s future in agriculture. I also want to fill the gap between agriculture & technology in India.

Please help me by providing below information:
• The best business I can start in my hometown. For now, my personal choice is Greenhouse for Flowers. I have the initial budget of 10 lacs. I will also go for government loan if required.
• In Hyderabad, how & where I can get the practical experience? I have time on weekends and I am keen to learn.

About Me:
I am a software professional in a reputed company in Hyderabad having around 5 years of experience. My father & uncle are farmers in eastern U.P. .We have decent land but doing agriculture in traditional way.

Thanks Much :slight_smile:

Ankur Saini

Dear Pratish Naidu,

Since you have enough land,you can think of doing a dairy farimg with Jersy and HF cows.
Start with 10 initially and late you can expand. Avail the basic training on dairy farming and you will come to know the basic knowledgr on it and start.