Planning a organic vegetables farm near Chidambaram, Tamilnadu

Bulk order available for organic vegetables.

Planning a organic farm near Chidambaram.

Welcome Mutually beneficial relationship.


Dear Sri Bhaskar.j. ,

I am farmer from Chikballapur district of Karnataka state and I am doing floriculture, Olericulture, Horticulture, both in Organic and inorganic, in open and in green houses. I was a certified farmer of IMO, in horticulture.

Can you please share the details of order and quantity, price etc , so that we can walk with you.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thank you Sir for your input.The
Information, which you had requested earlier, is vital to my business.I look forward to answering any other questions.Thanks, once again.


I’m looking to start a organic vegetable farm (including herbal nursery, murrel fish and spirulina)
near Chidambaram.

I initially look forward to 5 to 20 acres near Chidambaram.I welcome mutually beneficial relationship with land owner.
I currently have bulk order for organic vegetables.


Hello Everybody,

I received some feedback.Thanks to all.Kindly let me clarify few of those.

Chidambaram is a major tourist destination.Pitchavaram, a mangrove forest, nearby, is another tourist attraction.It has boating facilities for sight-seeing.

Farm tourism / Herbal garden/ Value added Kiosk / Resort / Spa Retreat /  is a great idea alongside Farm in this location but i do not  know much about a Spiritual retreat.

I welcome ideas.Kindly send them.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello Everybody,

I received several suggestions and offers via emails and forums. Thanks to all.

Many have send requests for the order details which I’m afraid to disclose for trade reasons.

I kindly intimate that my priority is to become a regular farmer myself to support the order to the maximum and currently I’m working on the economics and the location issues.

I’m yet to find a suitable land near Chidambaram although several landowners have expressed their willingness but the location is beyond 50 kms from Chidambaram.

I also shared few words through my opinion title ’ Healthy Farming -Thoughts and Experiences’ in the forum.

Thanks and Regards,


I welcome profit sharing mutual benefit proposal from land owners near Chidambaram.

Sir, good morning
I’m Priyadharshini from kollidam Maiyladuthurai district
Our family is interested on organic farming
I’m near to Chidambaram

hi iam also interested i have 10 acre near manalmedu chidambaram to manalmedu only 40 km


My name is singaravelan, I bought 5.8acers of land in Pachapermalnallur, Maiyeladudurai District, kollidam Taluk. I have planning to rent out my property for who is interested on organic farming. This site is 20 minute to reach from chidambaram(my father used to go by bike), mr friend and myself bought togather for 14 acers with 2 free EB with 5hp motors, water is available in 20 feet, land is having 100+ varappu trees, I have spend around 50k for coverting my sail into organic so far. Currently my father is unable to do any farming, also i am not in india. If you guys are ready to take my land for lease or rental , kindly let me know, I am open for your offer, even i could convince my friend land also rent out. So far, they have done 3 times harvesting per year. There is no problem in water and also does not have water sink problem in my land.