PKM1 - Going to sow the seeds in June first week

Hi All,

I own a land measuring 3 acres in Cheyyar (Somewhat dry area) I am planning to plant PKM1 (drip irrigated) variety moringa in first week of June. Going with this season, I knew that the flowering will clash with the winter and will result in flower drop. Primary aim is to observe the behaviours and modify things to achieve moderate yield around Dec-Jan-Feb. As of now I am ok with complete loss of the crop season and if at all I make anything out of it, I would treat that as a bumper price!

My question is, has anyone already ventured into this kind of experiments? And what was the outcome?


Grow some hibiscus also. Check the pasumai vikatan from Feb 2017 very good info and could help you.

Are you planning to do organic farming in the PKM1?


Update: Got clarified from Mr Ramu that flower drop will not be that severe.

Hibiscus? An an intercrop? Haven’t heard about growing hibiscus in moringa field. Please share more info on this.

No, not doing organic farm but at the same time not going to pump fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. Will use chemical fertilisers on need basis.

yes …nothing to worry about winter .A dip in temperature during winter is a main factor responsiblr for flower induction in moringa