PKM Jamun or Konka Bahadoli Jamun

Hi Friends,
I have placed an order for 50 Jamun plants, the nursery said its “PKM (Periyakulam University) Jamun” grafted plants.
Later on the forum i saw discussions going on about “Konkan Bahadoli” Jamun…
Can any of you suggest which is best among them and what are the differences b/w these cultivars?
And is it good to buy 1yr old plants or 2.5yr old plants? 1yr plants around 150 Rs & 2.5 yr plants about 250 Rs…
I tried looking on the web for information about PKM Jamun… but was not successful in getting any information…
Has any forum members planted PKM Jamun variety?


Dear Sri Sundeep,

Up to my knowledge, through gathered information, No hybrid variety of kala jamun (Indian blue berry) is released by any Indian university and /or became popular.

Only selections are brought to the Indian farmers, in which ’ Bahudoli ’ is one of the best variety and origin is learnt as university of Horticulture, Konkan area,  Maharashtra. Giving very good results and appears to be the leading/popular in Maharashtra, AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu etc. Considerable good yield, taste and mainly fetching highest price in the markets. Well accepted by consumers.

Nurseries may say any thing but you can purchase bahudoli jamun plants from Horticulture university of Maharashtra, and/or from any reliable/authorised nursery.

I suggest you to plant one year plants, if you are planting in low density and plant 2 years or more plants, if you are making high density plantations.

Up to my knowledge, there is no comparison of jamun available in India, better than Bahudoli variety jamun. Only care you/every farmer has to take is reliable source of the plants. In fruit plants, more than cost, reliable plant is considerable, as the plants life will be decades together.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thanks G.p.rao Sir…
I am planning to get the plants from the nursery you suggested. Teja nursery…
How are the plants doing… Would you recommend…


Dear Sri Sundeep,

I only recommend ‘Bahudoli’ variety of jamun, doing well and good variety, and only gives information about where plants are available, and it is as per your convenience to purchase from where.

Up to my knowledge, this ’ Bahudoli ’ variety of jamun, released/developed by Horticulture university of (Konkan) Maharashtra, is doing well, both production wise and marketing wise.

I only advise you to grow the plants healthy and get good quality yield/production.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer