PKM 2 Plantation Tips

Crop: Moringa
Variety: PKM-2
Date or month when noticed:
Location: Guna, Madhya Pradesh
Climate: Rainy/sunny/cold etc.
Possible cause: if you already have a view
Our queries are:

  1. We are not getting any commercial crop & in the last 5-6 years, we only got the crop once because the flowers tend to dry up & fall as soon as they come(the flowering happens profusely & more or less throughout the year)
  2. We have problem of termites & illi in the beginning of summers/end of of winters.
  3. Pls refer to the pictures attached. Since last 4 months back, these small dots/bumps have emerged on the bark/trunk & branches.
  4. The area near the moringa plantation, extensive coriander is grown, so during the winter season when the crop is supposed to come & fetch good price, that time the coriander attracts a local fly called MAU, which also comes on the moringa flowers. Therefore our crop even if it comes, we are able to take it very late, which is starting in March, when we do not get good market rates & pruning is also not able to be done at the right time, so it disturbs the cycle for the next season.

Dear user,
I am unable to see any pictures with your query so will not be able to comment on the dots, etc.

Wrt flowering, please give details of fertilizer schedule that is followed. There are many reasons for flower drop - nutrition, phenology, climatic factors etc. Also please inform the day time and night time temperatures when you observe high flower drop.

About termites, you could go for soil drenching with Chloropyriphos in alternation with a synthetic pyrethroid like Cypermethrin etc. (dose as recommended by brand, Co).

For caterpillar, the above two products can work as foliar spray. You could also use Acephate and Cartap Hydrochloride 50 SP as alternates.

Please do remember to not spray these pesticides when the pods are near harvest. Preferably stop about 15 days before you plan harvest. At that time you could then use Neemicide or any other neem based product for pest control.

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Thank you for your response.
Pics Attached.

Do not worry about these. Its absolutely a natural characteristic.
As far as the sunken spot is concerned, which can be seen, in one of the pics; it is a point at which a branch broke off and the injury hasb healed naturally. Still, to allay your fears, you could apply a dilute paste of Copper oxychloride or copper hydroxide.

Sharing a pic of one of my trees - just to allay your fears about those spots

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