Pipe to connect borewell to Drip irrigation main pipe


I am trying to learn about drip irrigation. I have a doubt which pipe connects the borewell’s pipe to drip irrigation main pipe?

Because the 16 mm lateral pipes are all of small diameter. Even if the main drip pipe is big it won’t be as big as the borewell pipe so will we have an intermediate pipe connecting?

Please help


The piping design in drip system consists of;

A)Main lines
C)Lateral lines

The main lines carry water to the submains which are subsequently connected to the laterals.The sizing of the above, will depend on the distance, water requirement & line loss.

Please visit tulsigroup.com/Drip.html for a typical drip layout.

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Thanks Saravana! Got my answer after reading through the link you shared


What is the indicative cost of the components that go into a drip system, such as the sand separator/filter, the screen filter and associated valves etc.?

Dear airfoil,

The general benchmark cost by which the industry is driven is, apprx 50 ~ 60k for fruits & apprx 80 ~ 100k / acre , but for the complete setup.


There cant be absolutely any ballpark cost in drip irrigation system especially as the BoM would be based on multiple variables like type of crop, total area covered, contour of the land, nature of the water source, cumulative water requirements, quality of water etc.

So best is, cost can be ascertained only after we arrive the actual BoM required.

Hope this helps.