Pig flooring,floors for pig

This high quality plastic slatted pig flooring is suitable for using in flat decks and farrowing pen. It is suitable for piggy’s range of activities in pig sows, so that piggy is not easy to get sick.An individual layout is made possible by the offered variety of types and sizes.We manufacture plastic slatted flooring weaning piglet with diffierent size .

1. Keep the pig stall clean and healthy environment.
2. Reduce the contacts between pig and dung.
3. Corrosion resistant, easy to clean, save the time of manual dung cleaning
4. Protective effect to the piglets .
5. Provide a superior farrowing platform.
6. Effective dung leaking, easy to clean and install.
7. Thickening floor, strong compression resistance make it impossible to break by pigling.
8. Different colors can be produced according to customers’requirement.