Petrol chain saw

Dear friends,

I am looking for buying a petrol chain saw for clearing  small trees and prune branches.  No large trees or branches to be touched! :slight_smile:

Any recommendations on model and size (saw size and hp)?

Such machines are available on rent @ RS 400/hr but it takes an hour to travel to farm from the town.

Thank you.


Thank yopu Bhayya,

Hoda/ or any Other Bush Cutter may be sufficient for your needs.Kindly try at your nearest Farm equipment Shops. If you could not Find P. Contact us with your Address, we will suggest a Shop nearby you.

Thank you Bhayya with Regards,
Vasudha Green Farms,

Here are my first impressions of Stihl MS180 chain saw purchased over last weekend.

In about four hours two of us used it to cut down 14 small thorny trees, prune few large branches and cut many stumps . All of these were 8-12 inches in diameter. Considering that same task would have taken few days for 2-3 labors I think it is a good investment. Though it costs about 25% more I chose Stihl over a Chinese made chain saw for obvious reasons.


Any pics will be nice, qj7081 :slight_smile:

Hi Satish,

The spec of Stihl MS180 claims the power rating of the saw to be 1.5kw.

May i ask if you ran it for 4hrs on petrol engine or electricity? And either ways energy drawn?


It is a petrol engine. Consumption:

  • Petrol 800-900  ml
  • 2T oil ~ 20 ml
  • Engine oil - ~750 ml

The saw was used for duration of little over 4 hours which includes ON (saw is cutting and engine idle) and OFF cycles. I would guess the ratio of ON vs OFF cycle is around 1:5 or even less; more like (1:6).

The ON cycle depends on the type of wood (hard vs. soft), its moisture content (dry or wet)  and diameter of the log(s).

Hope this helps.


Hi Satish,

    Congratulations on your purchase… Can you post some Snaps of the instruments. Can you also let us know the cost of the instrument.


It was Rs. 17750. Here is the link to product (Stihl US website)