PetBharo hydroponic Institute, Bangalore training is not worth

Dear FarmLovers,
This is the experience going to share with you guys about Petbharo Hydroponic (, finally is not worth.
i am not against them, i am not at all enemy to them,  this is my view about the experience with them.

as Like everybody, i am also too interested about hydroponic farming and its implementation, So that, i have visited many pilot farms in bangalore, pune, Mumbai and lot of information gathered in internet also, still having the enthusiasm to know about more into deep.
for that i paid (1k for training)+3k(Beginner hydroponic kit) to Sangeetha Bojappa (COO of this company) for training happend on Feb7,8th in Mumbai exhibition center, Mumbai.
I went to exhibition on 7th, there are very few company stalls (General Hydroponics, Mayuresh Technologies, Vydro and one more plastic company)

first day:- after lighting the lamp, William texture started presentation about importance of hydroponic, it was nice to listen as well along with his experience, finished in half an hour, then one lady from General Hydroponics took sometime to promote their products, then took Lunch break…post lunch, CV Prakash (CEO of pet bharo) started his lecture about hydroponic, nothing i knew in the presentation since many years same ppt continuing… later vydro folks took the half an hour session to promote their products along with one more vermiculite/perlite company.  just made time pass first day without any information.

as informed, pet bharo training going to start next day.

2nd day:- with plenty of desires, smiless, came to center around 9am in the morning, training not yet started, around 9.30 CV master and came started his same routine story about hydroponic(which we can see them in youtube and google as well)
he just demonstrated what is hydroponic thats all, remaining all the self shows information given… peoples started  question how the nutrients, how to do composition, what is the percentage, what is the pest and disease control, what the controlling factor of diseases… lot more questioned him, for everything he answered go and find the lot more information in google, if you dont find then come to me, mail me or call me…

he just told below point
1.water should be more quality
2.seeds should be from good company
3.substrate should be more quality.,EC should be as per normed.

all above points, everybody knows, when all the above 4 parameters are fine, then why will go for hydroponic.
while saying about Substrate, he invited one person and showed how to pour the water in the coir pith.

i was expecting as below ,
1.what is macro, micro nutrients and its importance of each one in plants growth , if we lack of any nutrient, what is the problem will encounter, then if once got problem, how to resolve the problem in hydroponic.
2.what should be composition of nutrient at each phase of plant (at least for one crop specific), to adjust the ph and EC with nutrient solution when adding to water.

final conclusion :  what ever they Taught can find in Youtube and google withing just 2 days, no need to pay 1000 rupees for this.

Biggest scam of this show:  Beginner Kit

they charged 3K for each person for kits, they made us fool entirely, i am pretty who ordered with lot of enthusiasm… finally what kit they given as

  1. one kg of calcium carbonate (20 rupees per kg)
  2. half kg of magnesium sulphate (288 rupee per kg, half kg worth 144 rupee)
  3. 250gms of other nutrient mixture (don’t the know the names of them) (assuming other nutrients as 500 rupees)
  4. 2 plastic trays ( each one 70 retail price, may reduce wholesale, total 140 rupee)
  5. one coir brick ( coir brick 60 rupees may reduce in wholesale)
  6. one block  of sponge wiper ( 5 rupees)
  7. DVD ( they are selling individually with worth of 400 rupees),  i am not find any useful info in this DVD videos, all are from youtube only.

whole kit with retail price not even come to 1000 rupees, they charged 3000 per kit.
profit: 3K-1K = 2K
nearly 250+ got attended for training…

its ridiculous to take chance of making cash from such learners who are trying into hydroponic.  :frowning:

this is my experience and view that i am sharing you guys, its purely my personal opinion, nom to anybody.

Unfortunately, no other institute in india to train in hydroponic technology with real time experience practically.
its better to come some one to stop this cheating ever in future.


Yes, even i too feel the same, Kit amount was too costly they charged and training was just in vain.
be aware of this cheating,

unfortunately i had this experience. i also transferred 4,000 INR to them (training and kit), due to some personal reason i thought i will not attend the training, then i called sangeetha, she replied Training amount will be refund, but kit amount will not be refund why because i need to get a approval from Soilless Gardening India company to refund your amount because they are providing the kits for that we already Paid to them, we are not sure whether they will refund it or not, if they are ready to refund i will let u know… like that sangeetha said…

then i had time to attended the training, Kits are giving by only PETBHARO guys with happily and collecting bucks with smiles  :smiley:
i came to know that these are making us fool and cheat. :sunglasses:

Thanks for bringing out quality of the training. Have you tried to give your feedback?

Same thing happened with EMU farmers in earlier days. Eggs were sold at 3000/- anyway it is old story now.

In my opinion you should express your criticism to them, if they really are genuine they may relook their fee structure.

Anyways our forum has couple of people who give gyan and share their experience free of cost. see below discussions … /#msg15024

Hi friends,

These “PETBHARO” guys are scamsters who have been duping gullible since 2009.  They get gather information form the net  and do a CTRL + C and CTRL + V (cut and paste in simple language) and make CD etc.,  Few of FARMNEST members are more knowledgeable than this lot.

Check out this link, you will get an idea. … ppointing/


Good Luck


Some of the members of the organization are members of the forum - let us see if we get a response.

Thank You  sir for Bringing it to light. But it is some way useful to NEW Guys. It ikis obvious on  the  Part of the Organizers. In February 2014 Issue of  is was clearly mentioned as FREE Training. They Can Organize at FREE  because it is Most Advertising Media for the Manufacturers and sellers. They  have not even :stuck_out_tongue:rovided  the Drinking water in the Training session except provided a small water Bottle and Food Coupons for Rs.30/ and Charged three times the  Prices of Normal at their will and pleasure. The Book on Hydroponic also Priced exorbitantly at Rs.2,500/ which is Obvious. It is a General Practice that the Organizers should have Provided a Demo Kit to all the Participants. It is also Prime Responsibility  of the Organizers to arrange a Field Visit to the Participants to have more Practical Knowledge to the enthusiasts. They have shown only the Components of the Hydroponics without showing its design in a Practice.  Moreover the  Organizers are not doing this  activity and solely concentrating on the activity of mere Consultancy. Those who are explaining its  greatness  should continues this activity instead of Doing Experiments on others.  Any way this Training imparts a  little Knowledge and not upto the Mark of a seminar/Training Session. We hope thy will improve like seminars in a Better way in future.
Thanks to all participants sharing their experiences,

for Vasudha Green Farms,

Hi Guys,

First and for most No one who is got commercial interest in Hydroponics will share there Nutrient Formulas, Today there are many who are selling Nutrients which will cost only 200-250 INR for 1000 litters @ 600 to 700 INR .

NFT Kits which will cost just 7k @ 20k and Which makes Hydroponics a costly affair sadly.

I do not want to comment on any one who is having commercial interest ,who are only targeting mostly Home gardeners, 
My real interest is to make commercial farming Hydroponically affordable by all.

In fact I did say Bhuvan (bunireddy)before in hand about the mumbai training …

All these kind of program are for scaling potential investors …

As Sri says you can contact me on my Mail and i will sure Help you guys with the Little knowledge i practice on Hydroponics.


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Thomas alva edison Invented bulb, he dint use it for his family only, he gave lite to entire universe,
Alexander Fleming discovered antibiotics with the discovery of penicillin, he dint use it for his own family, Infact whole world must thank him kind of relief he gave to every mother,every newborn, every child and every human in world…
Everyone has their unique talent, but using it for one great cause is possible for very few, Yes, Gautham will be listed part of those list i feel, he has true values and kind of helping hand he has in hydroponic.

Now a days most of suicides are happening from Agriculture family in INDIA because of lacking knowledge on technology which gives them immense effect one farmers life, unfortunately experts  in Hydroponics (like pet bharo) are taking this opportunity to make the cash into their pockets and spreading & making hydroponic costlier in INDIA, resulting hydroponic is going away from actual farmers.  keeping in view of inflation of India, i wishing & requesting them to change their views and  help in promote hydroponic as mush as they can to bring it to rural level in future at least.

I am sure person like Gautham kind of guys can change the face of Indian Agriculture sector with their tremendous advance knowledge in farming in india. I wishing heartedly a Best of Luck and God Bless Him kind of good support in new technology.

I totally agree with Bhuvan, I am sure like minded people like Goutham and yourself can spread the word and show that hydroponics can be done in reasonable cost ( i don’t want to use cheap word ) then people can come forward to establish and can spread the word and reach to normal public.


Petbharo is production house can produce a movie called “Scam”, and will make fools audience like us.

We can understand your point.

Did you see vertical(goutham’s) comment above? he offered to help you.

you have to move on leaving bitterness behind.

Yes, and don’t get personal guys. While it is fine to critic the program on its merits, it is best to avoid name calling. We will have to clean up this thread a bit.

In a lighter vein, did you ask “kiska pet bharoo”? :slight_smile:


Yes sir it is not for a Training or seminar Purpose. It is only to Promote their Products  / Service by Charging mpre than 10 Times of ots Value.

Vasudha Green Farms,

Thanks for sharing your views…itz very helpful

I have also visited the hydroponics expo at Mumbai on 7th and 8th February. It was more of a marketing/promotional event rather than an expo, which was meant to create awareness and educate people.

None of the companies participated there are not into Hydroponic Fodder(though it is also a part of Hydroponics). They are least interested about the enthusiasts who are keen to use technology.

Rahul Meka

hi Team,

thank you all for posting the reviews. You all have saved me from getting my wallet lighter by a few thousands. I have been doing research a lot on hydroponics, hope I get some good guru who can help me in my aim of giving up my current job and taking up farming full time.


How Bizarre  :frowning:
Scamsters are members of the Forum? …  And you have let them be, even after no response? … Seriously!
i am baffled.

Sorry you are baffled; regardless, we don’t do background checks on members nor do we intend to.

Are you proposing members who do not post should not be allowed to post?

Dear Chandra,
Silently lurking the forum if one has no valuable input to give is the opt way of doing things. On the other hand, if members have reported unscrupulous activity, it should be dealt with in a manner that upholds the sanctity of the forum.

A case in point here is the “Paid Unpaid advice” thread by Mr.Dixit. Dixit ji has not participated since the incident and i’ve been yearning for his attention as we’re from the same city. Tell me, who’s the loser! 

Dear NewAgeFarmer,

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thank you all for saving my money too… was about to register for training … my plans are too for commercial farming, but these guys are charging way too high. with all nutrients and small starter kit i have invested hardly 5k… god knows whats making em charge so high for going in commercial set up. other than automation i dont find anything difficult… well anyways…all the best to all the farmers out there entering into hydroponics.