Pesticide for Moringa

Dear All,

My moringa has started flowering and fruitsetting has also initiated. Recently i had given ammonium sulphate and potash through pocket manuring and did a drenching of 0-52-34 alongwith fungicide.
10 days back i had sprayed proclaim for pest attack on moringa wherein flowers were damaged by the pests,
Pls suggest what to use, keeping in view the effect on bees, what should be the frequency of the spray.


Please Spray Monocrotophose + Dimethoate 2 Ml each per liter.Monocrotophos will kill the existing Pest and Dimethoate will last longer for a period of 7-10 Days to kill further born pests from Egg. This spraying Operation may be don after 20 Days after 1st Spraying.
While spraying kindly don’t spry directly on the plants/Trees.Keep the sprayer nozzle upward direction to avoid damage of Flowers.