Personal experience - An interesting report on visit to KVK, Nandurbar, Maharash

This is a report from an author (unknown) who has posted his experience regards to project visit to KVK, Nandurbar, Maharashtra. The pic. taken of risk husk processing machine supplied by KVK, is attached. 

hi Zen,

thx for posting your experience. very good read.

Like you I am Mumbai based and an IT guy. I am very keen on moving into agro. Like the idea of a commercial
cow dairy. If you are interested we could think hard and come up with some agro ideas.

Looking for a like minded fellow to start an agri venture in outskirts of Mumbai or Bangalore. Feeling very boxed
in working for IT and want to start my own venture(full time) and am very keen on it being in agro.

Invitation is open to other forum members too.


Pm or email me : deepakamin  at  g  m  a i l

The posting gives encouragement to new farmers.

thank you friend for sharing ur experiences…we need more of experience sharing…regards