Permanent Farm Labour

I am looking for contractor or agencies that can provide Labour for agricultural activities at my farm.

Our farm is located about 85 kms from LB Nagar in Hyderabad on Sagar highway. All basic facilities available at the farm.

Farming labor job now comes under EPF / ESI category . Is your farm is proprietary or under a Business entity ( GST / MSME / P.Ltd. / LLP etc. )

Hello sir I am Agriculture farm labour 80882 59736 call me family labour

My farm is an LLP

Register with EPF / ESI as employer . You will be furnished an ID from both the Govt organizations to provide basic employee benefits which will also benefit in your tax regime

Are you still available?

Is it worth the effort to do epf/esi voluntarily for smaller organisations where it is not mandatory?

Are there too many compliance requirements?

Previous 29 Indian Labour Laws have been codified into 4 Labour Codes. In a brief these the abstracts of new amendments -
1.Wage Code, 9 - increased the ceiling from 18K to 24K based on criteria
such as skill level and geographical area.
Equal remuneration to male and female workers ( hiring family and paying one person is now illegal )
2. Social Security Code, 2020 - ESI mandatory by employer if engaging 5 migrant workers or register hired migrant workers data in central portal
Employers employing more than 20 workers to mandatorily report vacancies online through eshram portal and contribute EPF
3.OSH Code 2020 - A provision has been made for employers to provide travelling allowance annually to an Inter-State Migrant Worker for undertaking a to-and-fro journey to his native place.
Providing of appointment letters to the workers has been made mandatory
Mandatory, free annual health check-up of the workers to be provided by the employers.
Instead of 240 days, now if a worker has worked 180 days, he shall be entitled for one-day leave for every 20 days of work done
4. Industrial Relations (IR) Code, 2020 -Unorganized workers grievances related issues will be looked after by applicable state based labour commissioner .

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