Permaculture Conference - Hyderabad

Wanted to share some information with you that perhaps will be of interest to you. The 13th International Permaculture Convergence is being held in Hyderabad, India from Nov 25-26th, 2017.

‘IPC’ or the International Permaculture Convergence, is a gathering of permaculture practitioners from around the world, to share knowledge and expertise and strategize about the future of the permaculture movement. It has been active since 1985 and brings together inspiring and experienced permaculturists to deliver diverse and engaging programs.

Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.By thinking carefully about the way we use our resources - food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs - it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. We can be more productive for less effort, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now and for generations to come.

Here is the schedule and speakers of the conference and more information about the hosts, the venue and the process to register.

Little more in this clip on Permaculture