Peppermint farming- any one with experience?

i want to start  commercial farming on land of 1 Acre & will spread after experience. i have tubewell nd planning of peppermint, on suggestion of some of my friend, i have no idea what so ever.i want to share experience, land is  in eastern part of uttarpradesh & our land is sand mix land

i have a pepper mint plot of 2 acres.

what help guidance are you looking for?

You guide me,my consern with how i get better seeds and how i will harvest & preserve the oil and where is good mkt where i sale my product. how much investment(Approx) is required.

Hi Viks,

  Can you throw some light on.

    1. land preparation for planting the mint. ( I heard it grows well near water tanks etc)
    2. Getting the sapling or seeds and methods to plant them.
    2. Yield Per acre
    3. fertilization plan


give me a days time to get back with the details and pictures.

Good day!

morning Amit & Agrilover,

posting pictures i took yesterdat of the farm for your reference and to give you an idea.

Picture 1 - initially. i had gotten little rised soil beds for growing peppermint. this was arround 2 yrs back. unfortunately, i do not have any data/pictures of that time. hope you can see some rised beds in the picture.
Picture 2 - Close up of the soil. the soil i have is black and very sticky. as now its hot and dry, you can clearly see cracks in the surface.
Picture 3 - 15 days after harvest. new leaf development
Picture 4 - 22 days after harvest. good leaf development, only needs to get bigger.

as i shared earlier, my land is 2 acres, and i have four sections in it. initially during plantation, i had seeds weigh about 58-65 kgs. (cost & source i will confirm) these seeds were spread evenly on the beds (no standard distance/ spacing)

basal dose included high npk and compost prepared from cow dung. (High NPK was 200kg - current price Rs28/kg and compost was 80 kg - self prepared) and spread evenly on the beds and turned manually)

Yield per acre… well… peppermint is sold as a bunch (about 10-15 sticks), so i have about 1000 bunches in one harvest. so this should be about, ummmm… 50 kgs i think, not sure kg wise. will confirm about this as well.

and say i start harvesting today (2 labor) , it will take me about 20-25 days to finish harvesting the whole land. so by the time i am done, the new leafs start. so its like a cycle, about 1000 bunches daily.

fertigation plan - i just keep adding (even spreading) high NPK and the compost (during the last rains, so it goes in the soil) no chemicals, as this is organic.

pesticides, never had to use any.

Amit, i do not know the oil extraction process. i sell my produce in fresh form only.

further discussions are welcome.


Hi Vivek,

  Thanks for the very detailed reply. Does Mint need too much water. As they tell it grows well near water tank. but in my case I dont see good growth in spite of having it near the water tank. I would appreciate if you could share the contact details and approximate cost of the mint seeds vendor.


hey agri lover :slight_smile:
sorry for the delay…was away since quiet a while.
i flood water the crop 3 times in a week. fill it nicely… as i said earlier, the soil is black and sticky, holds water for a very long time, and then i posted pictures of it when its dry and starts cracking.

plus it needs a lot of sunlight.

you can have the crop near anywhere, i am guessing near water tank would be a place where there is  a lot of water in the soil (root zone).

give me a days time to settle down and i will get you the contact details of seed vendor and a commercial fertigation schedule.


Hello All,

I stumbled across this post/topic when I was searching for any information on mint cultivation.

I have a farm with clayey soil and with good water retention. It seems, according to Viks and the photos he posted, the said soil is suitable for mint cultivation.

Hence I might go for mint cultivation.

Only problem is that I dont know from where to source the seeds, about which Viks mentioned that he will share the details, but cannot find any post about the same.

If anybody has any more information about the seeds and the vendor, please share the details.