People from vizag.,srikaulam.,vijayanagarm

HAI., iam udai from visakhapatanam.SOON iam starting my ZBNF FARM IN visakhapatanam…iam intrested in bringing together/meeting…people intrested in NATURAL FARMING.,SUSTAINABLE LIVING…in and around visakhapatanam.,srikakulam.,vijayanagaram…please leave ur details here in the FORUM…

mobile 9885076691


Dear Udai garu,

Thanks for your post.
we met earlier with Rajsekhar.
you can include  mr. raksekhar name also, in this forum.
i will post the  contact nos  of mr.Chalapati rao – Dairy at rajam, mr. Vinay also.


Madhava Varma , madurawada, visak
farms at Viznagaram and Bobbili

thankyou.,varmaji…do inform me of other people whom u know…thanks

Hi people over there.
I am jagadish starting ZBNF near girijala.
Udhay Garuu i will contact you soon.