Pears Fruit Plantation- Need Advice and Saplings

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I am very Much Interested in Growing PEARS FRUIT Plants in My Land Near Hyderabad. I am requesting our Esteemed Forum Members whether these  PEARS FRUIT Planting Can be Made  Near Hyderabad Climate (Tropical Climate). If so kindly advise us that where shall we get the Saplings of PEARS FRUITS. I am very Much thankful to our Forum members can help in this Regard.Kindly Mail the Information to my Mail  ID:

Vasudha Green Farms,,


Pear needs cold climate. On your farm you may be able to grow the tree but it may not flower and fruit.


Any other info pls share it.

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I am very Happy that Our Forum has attracted the Attention Globally. I am appreciating the Efforts of the Moderators and also extending my heart-ful thanks  for dwelling the hidden knowledge of all our Brothers and sisters.

Kindly Advise whether Pears Fruits Can be Planted in Hyderabad (Tropical Climate) . If suitable, kindly inform us the avilability of  Saplings/Seedlings  Near Hyderabad. The Images of the Fruits can be seen in the Attachments.

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You need pollinators as well.

Check this interesting link with images.

thebeephotographer.photoshelter. … 6TBQX4Odc/