Peacock/crow menace in Watermelon

We have had a peacock and crow problem in out watermelon plot.
They seem to choose the best and the juiciest fruits for a quick refreshment :slight_smile:

Any ideas on how to combat this problem. Next time around I will keep my air gun ready for the crows but that wont work for the pea cocks :slight_smile:

Raise some large dogs on your farm, it is time since you have started cultivation and will not have the bandwidth to monitor 24X7. A couple of large dogs can be useful, they can scare away the large birds (for small birds scarecrows, coloured ribbons should work). make sure that the dogs don’t socialize though over time with the peacocks :slight_smile:

you can get small dogs but peacocks will kick their butts as they tend to be aggressive,  even if the dogs do not scare them away they will make enough racket to attract your or the labourers attention who can then do the needful

find out what food peacocks like, if you can then put them in a small trough at a location away from the main crop so that the birds get distracted and concentrate on their free feed with water sorted for them

Good ideas, Brijesh.

There are logistical problems regarding dogs at the moment. Looking into it.

If you decide to get dogs, I suggest you look at the native TN breeds.

The Chippiparai is most suitable, it is a tall and skinny sight hound with the right balance of natural aggression and affection. These and the Rajapalayam/Combai make for ideal farm dogs which are hardy and require little attention.

Thanks airfoil.
I am planning on getting rajapalayam. I think I know what ur talking about wrt chippiparai - seen a few around the village.

Why dont you try used fishing nets-one inch mesh(slighly damaged, unsuitable for fishing, but excellent for agri applications. Can arrange any quantity at around rs40-50 /- per kg, about 10ft or more high and 200 ft/mts long.
Do tell me if interested. You can peg them on poles or concrete boundry poles.
Rafiq Yusuf

Thanks for the suggestion.
Our harvest is almost done for this year. I shall use this next year!