Passive Income From Agricultural Land

I am looking for a company that set up farms or agricultural projects on my agricultural land and provides us passive income.

Dear Sandip,
How much land extent you have and in which location. if you can share the details i can lookup.

I am also looking for similar opportunity . I have a 3.74acres of farm land in mangalore .

Please try @sampadafarms

“Agronize stands at the forefront of agricultural transformation, offering an array of services that extend beyond conventional consulting. With precision agronomy advice, our proprietary fertilizer, and cutting-edge drone technology, we cultivate success for farmers. Our comprehensive suite includes model farm development, a dedicated marketplace for produce, and access to essential agricultural equipment. We are more than a startup; we are the driving force behind innovation and profitability in modern agriculture.”

Will you be interested to cultivate perennial Pandan ( Pandanus amaryllifolius ) Gurmar ( Gymnema sylvestre ) and annual Aromatic ginger ( Kaempferia galanga, ) cultivation under buy back contract ?

Looking for the same in 5.5 acres in Bangalore urban

I am sure what to do there is very good agriculture market for consumption but we are occupied with other business so not able generate income

Shall I have your Land Extent and Location.

Hello Ranjithmurthy,

Good to here that. We will provide the complete details about your issues. Please let us more details about it.
Thank you.

Please connect with me in whats app i have good land in bangalore city idel for commerical farming