Papaya saplings needed

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I am planning for a papaya farm of around 5 acres. For this i am looking for tissue culture saplings. Please help me with any supplier details who can supply me the papaya saplings. My farm is located near Hyderabad. So please suggest any supplier around Hyderabad so that it will be easy for me to access. Thanks for all your help.

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Tissue culture papaya saplings? I never heard of them.

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So far Tissue Culture seedlings have not been developed. Only seedlings by Germinating Seed in Seed Trys  after that Planting in Poly covers for Semi Hardening and Hardening.
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Hello Chandra/Vasudha,

Thanks for your response. As you have suggested that tissue culture papaya plants are not there, so can i get papaya plants of any kind and plant them in my farm ? Or is it the only option to plant seeds and get plants from them in my farm itself. Please reply.

sanjaya (09849991302)

Thank you Sir for your Prompt response,
It is not Proper and Possible to plant seeds in the Pit. The seedlings have to be Grown under shade-net and made the seedlings Hardened to accustom  to the Field .  We will make the seedlings as per your requirements/Verity you Prefer. As far as our experience is concerned we are suggesting Red Lady Verity which is Marketable in Hyderabad.

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You can do either way.

Identify a papaya type that is suitable at your location - suits local taste, is tall or short as per your weather, resistant to viruses etc.
You can sow seeds in polycovers and grow them for about 1-2 months before transplanting or simply buy plants from a nursery and transplant. Just be sure the nursery stock is free from viruses.

Sanjaya sir & Chandra Sir 
Red lady verity is Suitable for Hyderabad Climate and Marketable also.
We are suggesting you to go far Red lady Papaya seed from
Indo-American or from any other Reputed Company and make
the seedlings in a Climatic condition. If you want we will make it
for you sir.

For more details Pl. Contact.9133498366.
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Sanjaya sir,

If you are very Particular about seedlings we will supply . Kindly inform us the Number of seedlings you need.


Dear Mr. Sanjay,

You can plant 900 red lady plants per acre.
Ready to plant red lady variety plants are available in jiffy pellets from the following sources:

Plants center, hyderguda, Hyderabad
Cp: M.A.Hussain,096-52-500097

Green leaf agro, Pune
Cp: Sandeep Jena 095-45-701555.

If you need further information, I can mail you with pictures.
My mail id is


Rajendra kumar.
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Hi Friends,

Thanks for your responses. I have got soo many contacts from this forum where i can buy papaya saplings/seeds. But i want to visit a farm where papaya cultivation is done, before buying the plants, so that i can have a look and feel of the papaya farm. Please suggest if there is any such farm in and around Hyderabad where i can visit.


Sneha Nursery which has offices in Sec’d and their nursery is near Ibrahimpatnam.

Earlier it was mentioned that papaya seedlings need to be done under the shade net. Not necessary. I have done it on our farm from Nattu variety seeds…not hybrid. I have made these myself and also planted them. Trees are giving fruits now. The isssue with nattu variety is that papaya plant is either male or female. The commercial saplings are hermaphrodite which ensure that they fruit. Male trees do not fruit and are only for pollination. Hermaphrodite saplings self pollinate.

There are several nurseries who can supply you saplings; just be sure they are 100% free of viruses. I had grown my plants from seeds and then picked some plants for gap filling from a nursery mentioned above. I had the discard the plants even before reaching the farm because I noticed some of them were infected.