Papaya- Red Lady 786 Experiment

Hello All;

I would like to experiment  Red Lady 786 Papaya variety in my farm land.

Where/Whom could I find the seeds for these in small quantity around Mumbai or Pune? Would there be any guideline available for cultivation of this? I searched the internet but couldn’t find much detailed info.

Can someone who has done this share the contacts with me so that I can seek some detailed help?

The land is situated below Western Ghats, Approx 100Kms from Mumbai.

Thanks & Regards.

seeds are available from known you seeds company see address below
Known You Seed (India) Pvt Ltd 504,505, Pride Icon, 5th Floor S.No.22/1/1 A & B, Kharadi bypass Road Opp. H.P.Petrol Pump,Kharadi, Pune: 411014 Maharashtra. India
Telephone :  020-67333111 
Fax :  020-67333123 
Email :

Word of caution: The success of Papaya depends on your soil. If there is a water logging even for 1hr. Papaya cannot tolerate.

Thankyou Sri…

I would surely make a note of it. This is an experiment, will keep everyone posted.

Would this be too late with Monsoons already pouring, to think of experimenting Papaya?

If you are planting nuersery hardened plants(atleast 45 days), no issues. more younger plants will have sensitve roots. dont take a chnace, Chances of root rot is more.

Spoke to KnowYou…

A person there gave me an option to buy saplings from them at Rs 9.50/- Transportation cost mine. What  do you think?

Fair deal. The germination rate is poor(almost 60%). It is best bid. Make sure to visit and inspect during seed dibbling day and count minimum 45 days. Inspect if it is hardened under shadenet.

Thanks Sri;

The place where my land is located (ie. Just bellow Western Ghats) it may rain till almost September Mid or End (Probably) so in this case, wont it be a good idea to plant saplings in Oct 1st week? Water availability is excellent. Would that mean I should plant the seedlings to be planted for the saplings 45 days in advance from Oct first week? Would it affect fruiting?

I am going to plant these on trail basis in maybe half acre.

You can contact Mr.Sandeep jena of Pune (9545701555) or Ghatule of solapur for Redlady plants.It costs you between Rs 8.00 and Rs 9.00.It is better to go for ready made plants which are approximately 8 weeks old.


Rajendra kumar


I would advise to go only for saplings and also plant the saplings on an elevated area so that the water is no logging. Lot of care is required and the estimated expenditure is around Rs.70000/- per acer. Properly mantained will give returns around 2 Lakhs per acer  :slight_smile:.

Note: Papaya is a very soft plant and needs lot of care.

Dear Sir,

Iam from Salem. any body supplying plants in Hosur or Bangalore?