Papaya leaves turning yellow


I am newbie in farming and ventured in to agriculture with Papaya farm. Attached pic of a Papaya Tree whose leaves turning yellow.
Out of 1500 Plants planted , some 20-30 trees are behaving like this.

Could you guys help me to fix this issue…?


May be boron problem

Few reasons:

  1. Too much watering or too less watering.( I dont see drip in picture, but check moisture below affected trees and healthy trees.)
  2. Too much Nitrogen or Too less of it. ( Chances of this in your case is less because it is only 30-40 plants not for the entire lot)
  3. Root grubs/Nematode problem. ( Did you use phorate/furadon while planting? if not you can use or you can use bio agents like metarizum, neem cakes)
  4. Sucking pest. ( sucking pests will suck the chlorophil and leaves start yellowing)
  5. Yellow Leaf virus.( this will be spread by sucking pests)

Thanks for replay !! Please find my comments inline. let me know if u have any suggestions further.

If you go for drip, have a ventury also installed. you can feed water soulble fertiliser thru drip.

Foliar neem oil spray is good for sucking pest or stem borers or fruit flies etc. But for rootgrubs neem cake is advisable(takes a while to act) or Metarizium mixed with FYM(works fast). Neem cakes also good source of nitrogen.

Point 5 is critical issue, you have to keep an eye on other plants, if it is spreading then only it could be virus(points1-4 dont spread to other plants). you have to burn the affected plants away from your farm. Touchwood this may not be your problem.

Sure ! Will keep note of above suggestions. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you Sir,

On seeing the Image of your Plants, it seems that Boran Deficiency might be there wile attack of thrifts.
The environment must be weed free and there should not be water lagging and and should not be
crying for water particularly for the Papaya plantation.

what can I do??

PAPAYA, needs lot of sun, full day of sun if possible, 2 or 3 hours of sun wont do it= plants will grow ok but then it will die as yours in the picture, due to fongus, virus as root system dies because of escecive moisture lack of sun, and you need to know your soil, water once a week or every 2 weeks, do not water evey day as you do not know your soil,

plant 10 papayas and water them differenty, #1 every day, #2 every two days, #3 every tree days, #4 every four days, # 5 every 5 days, and so on, this way you will learrn your soil water retention. use two liitters of water per pllant…use some aphid repellent every week, or Dog Flea Shampoo= 2 spoons on a galon of water and sppray those suckers away.