Papaya Fruit Disease!

hello everyone!
                        I have planted 500 papaya trees 9 months back and it has started giving fruits,but i found[size=80] WHITE circles[/size] in every fruit and after sometime  it will start perishs on that spot  beacause of all these  im not able to sell, so can anyone plz guide??? me how to get out of this problem!!! :-\

That looks like Anthracnose.
Depending on whether you cultivate organically or inorganically, you will have to use an appropriate fungicide.

Bhayya Vikram121 Sir,
This is a Fungus disease .You can spray copper-Oxy chloride 20 Days before before ripen stage . First yo try with Neem Oil Spraying which may help a lot. Because your  crop is on advanced stage you should not use ant Pesticides.Please keep it in mind that  even the Neem oil and Copper Oxy chloride should be used well before 20 Days of cutting.

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I have seen a farmer doing a treatment for Mango. you can try this on Papaya.
he soaks mangoes for 2 min in 1:1 Desi gomutra and dries it in shade. He claims he has controlled anthracnose by this method. If this works out for you on papaya it is cheapest remedy.

Copper Oxychloride is permitted to a limited extent in organic cultivation and is an easily available protective fungicide. I don’t think the withholding period is as long as vasudhafarms suggests. Neem oil and Trichoderma are some natural fungicides which you may want to try out.

If you are into chemical farming, there are a number of alternative fungicides available in the market based on Carbendazim, Azoxystrobin, Chlorothalonil etc. which are supposed be effective against Anthracnose and other fungi.

Please make sure you do your research before using any of these.

Correct me if I am wrong,

COC is for soil drenching and bordaux mixture is for spraying. COC cannot be sprayed. Is this a myth?

Nope, Blitox is one common name of COC and if you search for Blitox, you will see it is normally recommended for plant sprays.

Maybe you are talking of Bordeaux paste and Bordeaux mixture - applied vs. sprayed?

Neem oil is said to have some protectant fungicidal properties but I am not sure it will be effective in your situation. Even COC is actually a protectant fungicide meaning it protects future infection than cure existing damage.

Thank you Chandra Sir,

What you said is Correct. But the Crop is under advanced stage of ripening , it is not advisable to use  Carbendazim, Azoxystrobin etc. If this Farmer uses the therapy of Neem oil and Trichoderma Viridi are used initially, the crop would not have this stage. I have send an elaborated Mail to our Brother Yesterday.Even copper oxycloride be used 15-20 days before picking up of the crop Fruits.

Anyway our Forum be a GOOD Platform in sharing Knowledge in Agri-Horticulture which was totally Neglected all the while by Govts. as well as Universities.
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Dear Manne,

I don’t think the withholding period of COC is 15 days - my understanding is it is much lesser.

Second, the other chemical fungicides in the discussion have specified withholding periods and are quite common chemicals used in most fruit, grain and vegetable crops. Given papaya yields continuously, the spray could be timed immediately after harvest to ensure the withholding time on label elapses before the next harvest. But it is a completely different matter if the farm is organic.

I use neem and Trichoderma regularly but would be interested to hear your experience of using them. Have you managed effective control applying them?

Dear Chandra,

How do you use Neem oil, just mix with water? or do you use any emulsifier like soap/shampoo etc.

Do you use Trichderma liquid? or chalk based.

Hi Sri,

I normally have some soapnut solution added for emulsifier, but commercial Neem ECs don’t need that I think.

I use Trichoderma in talc formulation.

Thank yo Mr. Chandra,

What I mean to say is COC (Copper Oxy Cloride) is not Harmful. I have refereed 15 Days is for other Fungicides.Regarding Tricoderama viridi it can be mixed with water or cow urine duly filtering it can be used. The ingredient of Hormone will dissolve either in the water or in Cow urine. If we dissolve in Cow urine its intensity of Growth will be increased rapidly.

for Vasudha Green Farms,

Thanks Manne. No chemical would be harmless, but the extent and persistence vary  :smiley:

Please do post if you have had experience using the biopesticides under discussion - I am quite keen to understand the practical efficacy.

Yes sir,

I am using  Trycoderma Viridi and Pseudo monas through Drip by Filtering the Powder. The Powder (Chalk) mixing as a base to the above Enzymes. I am also using the above Powders as and when I am applying Farm Yard Manure also. On the analogy of  the Enzymes grow in our Mouth are growing duly dissolved in water.Similarly these enzymes are are also spread in the earth while watering to the plants.

I also use sour buttermilk spray.

Recently found that compost tea spray on mango was recommended for powdery mildew…going to try that on papaya as well.

Hi Vikram,

Whenever you start cultivating papaya. when fruit stage common disease will come from “Oriental fruit fly”

I will suggest use the pheromones traps for best results.