Papaya field infected with Virus

Hi all,

  Looks like my total papaya field(10 months old) is infected with ring spot and mosaic viruses  :'(. Below are pics.
I have did not seen any aphids in my field, don’t know how it spread rapidly in couple months. i have grown this plants only on organic inputs like Jeevamrutham, Panchakvya, Amino acid sol etc. Fruits are hard( not soft like regular papayas), reddish and very sweet,  only couple of harvesting’s done  :frowning:.

    What shall i do know…?
[li]Shall i wait to check my luck with coming monsoon, as people say it goes away in monsoon season.
[li]Or Shall i use the Papaya plants shade to grow some shade tolerant crops like carrot, to take out my investment[/li][/ul]

Some more pics at : … sp=sharing

Looking forward for your suggestions.

Thank You !!

Very sad to see.
I find ads of products that supposedly cure virus diseases - worth a try.

It is very unfortunate.

I see some inter crop. what do you have other than papaya. Have you checked below the leaves of your inter crops? There is not other carriers of these virus other than sucking pests. Please investigate this issue in early morning.

If you have planted any cucurbitaceae family vegetables, then there is 100% chances of facing this issue.

Are they organic products…? can you please direct me to it.

Yes, it is cowpea and leaves are lush green.I have not found any sucking pests on it, anyways we have started removing this cowpea inter crop.

We have not planted any cucurbiataceae family veggies. On this farm, apart from Papaya, we have only cowpea and Moringa.

Any idea how many days this infected Papaya plants will live…? and  how yield is affected during these days…?

Thank You !!

Dear sri Pavan sir, It is unfortunate and i am feeling sorry. Upto my knowledge it is seed born. Most of the high yielding hybrids of papaya are more prone to these viruses . In the early months and if it is seed born the affect starts in the begining months only, and you might  have noticed in the later stages. If you have purchased the seed from an authoried dealer, you can claim from the company atleast the seed cost. Till now as stated by agri authorities,  no cure invented for virus. Only remedies are there to stop spreading. In that, organic methods do very well, and even cow urine 10% diluted,spray  can control the spreading . Also 10,000 ppm,azhadirictin neemoil spray 0.15 % also helps. Since it is seed borne and as it is totally spread,it is better to take a decision, Before I suggest you to show the farm to agri pathologist,take his opinion, and caliculate the extent of damage with virus. if it is more than 50 % above, it may not be advisable. think and discuss twice. sad but quite common in papaya high yielding hybrids. g.p.rao, farmer

I am newbie and this is my first crop, so i picked it from nursery. I suspect them of giving infected seedlings, as i was the first person to grow Papaya in 20 Km radius , how the virus got picked up and also 30% of seedlings  came out be dwarf plants( below is the post). Now i have learned, that we have to grow our own seedlings but in a hard way :frowning:.  I don’t want to remove this crop, i will fertigate them as usual including cow urine spray. Let’s see how they move. Keeping this a part, i want to grow carrot under papaya plants shade. i would like to take our forum members suggestion on this. … /#msg19780

Thanks you!

Dear Pavan,

Ours is an experiment in natural, no-till farming, in the Auroville area, near Pondicherry. Over the last couple of years, have been researching the use of homeopathy meds for agriculture and have had very encouraging results so far. Put simply, homeopathy works by boosting the strength of the life force (immunity) of the living being in question (plant, animal or human). Without going into too much of detail at this point, which we can reserve for another discussion, would suggest you try this -

  1. Procure the homeo med ‘Salicylic Acid’ from a good homeopathy shop (can see you are located in Hyd). Ask for 15 ml drops. This should cost around 50 rupees. These meds are very sensitive to electromagnetic and other radiation - its a common practice to pop such bottles into our pocket along with our cell phone. Pl ensure that this is not the case.
  2. Get two empty 500 ml bottles - plastic or bottle is fine (not metal). Also, no metals (like a stainless steel spoon etc) to be in touch with the med at any point in time.
  3. Put EXACTLY 1 drop of the med (Salicylic Acid) in one bottle. Fill 3/4 of this bottle with filtered water. Close the bottle and vigorously ‘hit’ the bottle against your palm or thigh about 10 times. This mixes the med in the water and energizes it. Very imp - if more than 1 drop, you could have an aggravation with over stimulation. With a marker, label this bottle as B1.
  4. Take 1 cap full of energized water from B1 and pour it into the second empty bottle. Mark this bottle as B2. Again, fill 3/4 of this bottle with filtered water. Close the bottle and vigorously ‘hit’ the bottle against your palm or thigh about 10 times. This mixes the med in the water and energizes it.
  5. Keep B1 aside. We will be working only with B2. When not in use, both B1 and B2 need to be kept in a place away from sunlight.
  6. Pick a sampling of the affected trees (say 1/100 th of an acre), or whatever you are comfortable with.
  7. Shake the bottle vigorously a few times and then take one cap full of the energized bottle water from B2 in a 10 lt water can, fill it with water and move around the selected sample space, as if watering the plants sparsely. If needed - repeat this 10 lt can dilution to cover the entire sample space. This watering is to be done only early morning (say, before 7 am) or evening (after 6 pm).
  8. Once the 10 lt can watering is done, water the entire sample space with your regular watering mechanism (hose). This is to ensure distribution of the med.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the same sampling on three consecutive days.
  10. Wait and watch - look for change, in the form of positive signs. The above may need to be repeated based on feedback.
    This kind of treatment is a consultative process - you may get in touch with me at We can then provide a summary of the results to the forum.
    All the best!


Sorry, Pavan - forgot a very imp detail in the earlier post - potency. Homeopathic meds have a potency…so, when u ask for a med u need to specify the potency too. U need to ask for 15 ml of Salicylic Acid in potency 6c.

All the best!

Are you sure is the virus?  How did you reach this diagnosis?  To me your plantation does not look that bad., it is recuperable.  My plants were infected with “mites” and it got infested with what i would think was a virus but I have used medication “Oberon” and “Abemectine”  i’m not sure you could find this in your area.  I’m using amino acids. They are growing again., flowering and not droping the floweres. … w=magazine

btw;  the hardness of the fruit (i’ve been told by agronomers) is lack of Potassium.

I never heard of using homeopathy medicines in farming !! I first thank you for enlightening me.
I just found “Salicylic Acid”(organic acid) is a Plant growth harmon. I will try Salicylic Acid sol’n on some sample, by following above mentioned steps.
I hope we can carry Salicylic acid bottles in a Plastic Box(as it would be shielding radiation to some extent).  I will try out and Update you !!

Thanks Again  :slight_smile:

Yellow mosaic virus was confirmed by agronomer a month back. And Ring spot virus symptoms( white rings ) can easily found on fruit pic i have shared above.

Well i am using only Natural folier sprays, i did not seen any mites under leaves but still i will include mites control sprays in medication.

Hardness of fruit is benefit for me as it extended its shelf life  :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Suggestion !!

Dear Pavan,

Just wanted to clarify that u need to use Sal Acid in its homeo med form and not in its material form…


Virus on Papaya is effectively controlled by using sprays of AVERTA solution.Many farmers in kARNATAKA AND MAHARASHTRA are regularly using this product. Product is available in Pune with SHREYAS HORTICARE PRODUCTS. Please contact them on


Salicylic acid is a good solution, but works better if you use it in a homoeopathic dilution of 6X. Also, Natrum salicylicum will work as an alternative.

The problem of viral infections is caused by bare soil, without any organic matter, which the virus normally decomposes. My suggestion is therefore to increase the organic matter content of your soil, which initially may cause an increase in the presence of the virus. Therefore, it is best to apply this when the season for fruits is finished and the plants have the least stress. After some time, the virus will revert to its normal levels and do the work it is supposed to do, provided you maintain a sufficient amount of organic debris for them to decompose.

I have followed the procedure mentioned by Ramji( Causmicdance). Till now i did not find any changes. Below is the Pic of “Salicylic Acid” i bought. BTW, i have got this with difficult as most of them were not ready to sell with out any medical prescription.

I will now try with increased concentration and also add organic matter as much i can.

Thanks you Arnadri and Ramji.

hello, while looking to the photographs you have posted, one can surmise that the entire plantation is affected and the plants have almost attained maturity and are yielding.  The damage caused is irreversible. no amount of sparying at this stage would help the plants to recover.
please collect whatever the fruits availble and plant and destroy all the infected plants to prevent its spread to other gardens. Further avoid growing papaya in the same field for atleast another two seasons. good luck with alternate crops.

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