Padmashri for our own Subhash Palekar

Dear All,

I’m glad to share the news with you all that Shri Subhasha Palekar has won Padmashri award from the Indian Government. Great! I wish there could be many more agriculturists winning more and more “Padma” awards.


Pondering up on this further… when there are so many ‘Padma’ awardees in sports and filmy sectors, why not much focus given to farming sector!

Dear All,

I am also Very happy ,as sri Subash Palekar sir, a farmer got a Padmasri award.

In 2012, Sri Vengatapathi Reddiar, a farmer from Pondichery state got Padmasri, towards his extraordinary work in Crossandra and Casuriana crops.

Hope to hear more padmasri to our farming community.

g.p.rao,    farmer