Paddy cutter / brush cutter

Hi All !

I intend to purchase one paddy cutter ( brush cutter ) operated manually by one person.
Anybody has experience about this machine may share it.
Which company make is better ? I find all of them are of chinese origin.
Is TN govt. subsidy available for this cutter ?


Hi Varaahan

We purchased a Honda Brush cutter for approx 22,000 rupees. It is effective for cutting down weeds and grass in the orchards. Recently I came across another brand Stihl - their brush cutter with 50% subsidy is 32,500 rupees, besides just cutting the grass/weeds it also has attachments for tilling around the plants and also attachment for making furrows. This is really better choice for orchards.


I want to use it for paddy harvest. Will it be suitable ? Than land holding is about two thirds of an acre.

It will cut  paddy but how effective it is , I am not sure.
I think the spinning cord may also shear the grains. Call for a demo and check it out

Hi Varaahan,

I use a sthil Deweeder machine with a paddy cutter attachment. The paddy cutter attachment is a local one which costed me Rs 3500.
Its pretty easy to cut, I tried it for the first time and found that work finished very fast.

The result is better if the grass is tall.

However my labourers were not very happy. They said that lot of paddy would fall off, but that was not clearly evident. The other concern they raised was that it was difficult to make it into lots to be loaded into tractor. However I do not buy that argument.

I will try to upload the video tomorrow

@ xisfan,

The tiller attachment for Sthil is around 18 K which is very expensive. I use a Mantis tiller which I got for 32K but felt it is much better.


Er, well, a Chinese brush cutter with a paddy cutting hood included would cost 10k. I thought it is better to go cheap and discard if the cost difference is much and hence picked the Chinese one. I am still to use it.

Paddy harvesting with this requires some skill to cut and stack the cut stalks to one side, but YouTube videos show it is very much practical.

Hi Chandra,

You are right if the brush cutter is used only for cutting Paddy. We use brushcutter almost everyday for other crops and hence I had to go for a branded stuff. Also the Chinese models do not have subsidy. So the subsidied price of Sthil brush cutter was 18K for me. If I had gone for Chinese I would have saved only around 5K


Yes, still to evaluate the Chinese quality too!  :-X

hi viktree,

can you post pics of mantis tiller, please

also is it possible to change the head of honda brush cutter and fit a tiller attachment?


Hi Friends,

Please check these videos for harvesters and binders…

If these equipments are useful we someone plan to procure them, we can notice that the straw is also not wasted as in a combined harvester.


These machines are costly for small farmers.
I’d better go in for paddy cutters.

Last video harvester costs Rs. 80k approx and it is also available for rent Rs. 500/acre in Tumkur dist

Hi Varhaan,

Please see the video of paddy cutting we tried. Please be aware that this was the first time we tried and with practices quality and speed can improve. Also if the paddy is p[lanted in proper rows results will be better


Hi Viktree!

Thanks for your video and sharing of first hand experience.
I think you have gone in a conical fashion. Could have been better had you followed a rectangular design.
Still you had done a commendable job and the work was done faster.

This has given me much confidence to go in for a brush cutter with paddy attachment.
Thanks again.

Hi Varhaan,

I am using the land as is. Not really thought about the shape. Thanks for pointing it out. will see if I can modify it.

I found that maximum expenditure was in threshing [separation of paddy from straw]. As we had to take it from the farm to the house then threshing cleaning etc.

Is anybody aware of any machine which can be taken to the field and separate the grains from the straw this will reduce a lot of expenditure. There were a couple of chinese machinery but quoting 1,20,000 but difficult to invest without seeing it firsthand.

If you are thinking of making developing I would like to contribute from my end. Please keep me posted.


Taking the cut paddy to house is time consuming , wasteful and labour intensive job.
We can use a mechanical thresher on farm.
Commercial threshers are costly but may be hired but still they require a lot of man power.

One alternative is to use a paddy thresher as shown below: … -threasher

I have requested them to send me a quote but they have not responded.

One can attach a 0.5 hp motor and minimise the labour.

Additionally a lorry radiator fan may be attached as winnower to the same motor.
I have given them these ideas but I have not heard from them at all.